Ft. Morgan, CO Somali problem presents Election 2016 opportunity

Editor:  This is cross-posted from Refugee Resettlement Watch. What I would like all of you (who have meatpacking companies responsible for luring immigrant labor to your towns) to do, is this:  Find out which of your elected officials are receiving campaign donations from these companies and expose them and then if they are up for re-election this year, work to defeat them.

Likewise expose the resettlement contractors, especially in this case Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service which is working closely with the meatpacking industry in Minnesota, Kansas and Colorado (others?).  That supposedly ‘Christian’ federal contractor is responsible for bringing shariah law to your town through the resettlement of large numbers of Muslim refugees. Call them on it!

Nearly 200 Somali workers fired at Ft. Morgan meatpacking plant, dispute over prayer breaks

Oh boy, I get to use that wonderful German word – schadenfreude!

I first wrote about “WELCOMING” Ft. Morgan in 2008, go here to see many pages of posts on how the town opened its arms to Somalis being brought there through a refugee contractor for employment at Cargill Meat Solutions.

Cargill, by seeking out immigrant labor (including cheap Somali refugee labor), is one of the corporations directly responsible for destroying the cultural cohesiveness of your towns and cities often followed by the introduction of shariah law.  Demanding special treatment in the workplace for Islamic prayer is bringing shariah law to your community!

Cargill President
At American Resistance 2016! we will be showing the faces of those responsible for changing American towns. This is John Keeting, President of Cargill Meat Solutions as of Aug. 2015 http://www.meatpoultry.com/articles/news_home/Business/2015/07/Keating_named_president_of_Car.aspx?ID=%7B65A0599F-247B-43E8-ABAD-182EBE91BFA1%7D&cck=1

(Lutheran Social Services of Rocky Mountains is largely responsible along with Cargill. That is the same contractor that wants to seed Wyoming with Somalis).

See also, ‘Meatpackers changing small town America,’ here.

The Denver Post tells us the seeding of Ft. Morgan began in 2005.

Don’t miss one of my favorite posts of all time.  I reported on the Editor of the Ft. Morgan Times calling me out (I don’t know who else he could have meant at the time).

I’ve been waiting since 2008 to use this!

Editor (of Ft. Morgan Times):

Of course, if it were up to some people, Somali refugees would not have a chance to resettle anywhere in the U.S. There is even a Web site devoted to teaching Americans how to chase refugees of various sorts out of town.

This is a kind of insanity, since everyone except Native Americans are immigrants. Unfortunately, it shows the dark, ugly underside of our great country.

Now, here is the news yesterday from Reuters. Will there now be 200 unemployed Somalis hanging around Ft. Morgan?

Nearly 200 workers, mostly Somali immigrants, have been fired from a meat-packing plant in Colorado after staging a walkout to protest what they said were insufficient prayer accommodations, the company and Islamic advocacy groups said on Thursday.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said the workers were treated in a “discriminatory manner” by managers at the Cargill Meat Solutions [CARGIL.UL] facility in Fort Morgan, about 75 miles northeast of Denver.

I’m not shedding any tears for Cargill, but I am for America!

Continue reading here and see that the ‘Somali Jesse Jackson’ (Omar Jamal) has inserted himself into the controversy.  I bet we have nearly 100 posts on Jamal who entered the US illegally more than a decade ago and was never deported!

Afterthought: Colorado is a must-win state if we are to assure Hillary doesn’t get to the White House.  The Left has been working on importing immigrant voters to the state for some time.   While companies like Cargill only care about their bottom line, the Left is happy to help them in order to acquire ‘new’ American voters.  The big loser is you—the middle class taxpaying American!


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  1. I believe Dadaad is one of the refugee centers the UN uses to pick refugees to be sent to the USA. I wonder if anyone in the USA knows about the “el nino” cholera epidemic that has been festering there since early December? Have any refugees been sent to the USA, from Dadaad, since November?

    “Health workers at the world’s largest refugee complex in Kenya are gaining the upper hand in battling a cholera outbreak that has killed 10 people and sickened around 1,000 others since it broke out last month amid rains linked to El Niño. . . Among patients brought to one of four cholera treatment centres set up at Dadaab was two-year-old Faisal, a refugee whose family fled Mogadishu, Somalia. . .”

    This web site is a very good up-to-date resource to find out what diseases are showing up worldwide – and – what we can expect to be heading our way.



  2. Just when I think the media idiots can’t get any more stupid, the Editor, Ft. Morgan Times says, “…This is a kind of insanity, since everyone except Native Americans are immigrants. …”

    It’s a miracle of gigantic proportions…the ‘Native Americans’ simply appeared on our fair soil one fine day! As to the rest of the article, gave instructions to sell my Cargill stock and thanks for the information. Now I’m off to find out if Smithfield donates to VA politicians; hopefully not since they were sold to the Chinese last year.


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