Lancaster, PA (Amish country): Muslim population expanding as refugees move in

What a coincidence, just as I launched this blog and explained (here) where the word “resistance” in the title came from; and how Lancaster played a role in helping me understand that they are seeding American communities with refugees, comes news that things aren’t so copacetic there as an article from PBS would have you think.

Barry Russell
Too funny! Barry Russell must be Lancaster’s professional Leftwing agitator because here he was pushing the gay agenda in a 2013 Lancaster rally: “Russell, who organized the event, is a member of Red Rose Rainbow Community – an organization that supports the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning community.”

Tomorrow, citizens opposing more refugee resettlement have planned a demonstration in Lancaster and will be facing those who are helping to cause disharmony in the community by resettling large numbers of third world refugees in the city.

***Update*** Here is news about what happened in Lancaster today. More tomorrow.

(By the way, Muslim refugees who were first resettled in my rural Washington County, Maryland community were spillovers from Lancaster and the Church World Service Program there.)

Here is the news about the opposing rallies.  If you live in the area, you might want to stop by and lend a hand.

Americans First!

Americans First is the message of the group Patriotic Liberty League:

“It’s not about not liking refugees,” said Bridget Fisher, an organizer of the anti-refugee rally and a leader of the Patriotic Liberty League.

“We’ve been called every name in the book, that we’re bigots, xenophobes, fascists … and crazy white supremacists. That’s not what we are,” Fisher said. “Our stance is, Americans have to come first. It’s not xenophobia. It’s tyranny. Our government is failing us.”

That doesn’t sit well with Barry Russell, a member of Rainbow Rose Community, who organized a counter-rally to show the region’s more welcoming side.  [LOL!  I guess they can just drag out that ol’ Rainbow Community for whatever leftwing cause comes along!—ed]

Be sure to have a look at the puff-piece at PBS and note that Lancaster has about a 1,000 Muslims now and you can thank Church World Service for helping to ultimately bring shariah law to Amish country.

Election 2016 observation and suggestion:  There really aren’t very many of the Leftwing agitators and “community organizers” as we see here with Mr. Barry (multi-purpose) Russell.  Let’s just laugh at them!  After all, ridicule is man’s most potent weapon (Alinsky Rule 5).

Let me know if Russell wears his rainbow attire tomorrow or has another costume—maybe a t-shirt with starving children.

This reminds me of the hilarious Ann Coulter line where she says Leftist agitators have a motto: “Speak loudly and carry a small victim!


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  2. I live in the suburbs of NY City, very close to a “sanctuary city” in northern Westchester. The illegals that have pretty much taken over are probably 95% Hispanic from Ecuador and South America. They are not Muslims, in fact, they are probably all Roman Catholics and therefore I feel there is no danger the likes of which we know are occurring thanks to the “seeding” of immigrants from Syria, Iraq, et al that is being discussed in this blog. That being said, the “native” people who have lived in the City for years who are mainly of European descent, have had many problems as a result of even this kind of immigration from non-Muslim countries. Here are some examples:

    = higher property taxes in the form of drastically increased school tax because many/most of the immigrant kids don’t speak English and some are barely literate in their own language. It is very expensive to provided education and services even in the best of circumstances; in many districts it is $26,000 per pupil. Funny how the Dem Libs that are all for immigration and social justice can’t make the connection when their property taxes skyrocket.

    * increased crime including gang related murder and assault, robbery, ets. Additionally, because it’s a sanctuary city, building codes are rarely enforced, even when you have 150 people living in what once was a two family house. There have been fires where it was a miracle that people weren’t killed but the city officials won’t do anything to prevent future tragedies.

    * parts of the small city are allowed to look like third world countries. Signage in the historic district is illegally in Spanish, not English. Small businesses run by Hispanics are allowed to violate the local laws with impunity. They are never punished even though when I had my shop in town a few years ago, the city came after me because the lettering on my sign was the wrong color!

    No need for me to go on and on. I’m just making the point that it is not just Muslim immigration that is changing our country forever. In my neck of the woods, the Hispanics are already forming voting blocs and the Dems will be using them to get their people elected. After what I’ve seen happening, I totally agree with Ann that this year is going to be a game changer. Nobody is saying to get rid of Latinos or Hispanics, of course. Buy the problems and financial implications of even their unlimited immigration is simply unsustainable by the taxpayers who have to supply free housing, free medical care, free schools, etc.


    1. Thanks and agree wholeheartedly. WE will be talking about all mass migration and not just Muslim migration as the days and weeks unfold.


  3. The refugees will force a raise in taxes in Lancaster. In Pennsylvania there is a 3 percent state wide income tax and localities can add an income tax on top. Most add 1 percent, which is Lancaster County and City now.

    Reading City and Scranton City have added 3 percent for 6 percent. Reading is wiped out. It is a violent diversity city no White wants to live in or work in. Lancaster City is headed in same direction.

    Refugees might lead to a rise in Lancaster City income tax to 3 percent for 6 percent total. That would further drive out business and keep relocating business away. This will further depress the White birth rate in Lancaster County and City.

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      1. Ann…thanks so much for the great pic and advertising the work myself and many others (like the 250 folks who showed up today in support of welcoming and not hate speech) and yes I did wear Rainbow today but also had my camo skivvies on as well…be glad to share that pic with you as well…you have a great day now and keep up the good work of advertising my efforts 😉


      2. For the record, so, you don’t have a minutes doubt about admitting large numbers of Islamists to Lancaster? No where is there a little niggling concern in your mind about the treatment of women and gays in the Islamic world? Do you think all of that is made up? Or, do you think that centuries of prejudice on their part will magically disappear once you give them a hug in that mythical American melting pot?

        Over the years I’ve invited Leftists to explain to my readers (via a guest column) why they believe the US taxpayer must welcome mass third world migration to America. Will you write such a guest post? If you agree though, you can’t do the usual emotional appeal (country of immigrants blather) and you can’t call those who disagree with you racists, xenophobes, Islamophobes, bigots etc. Could you do that? Just explain in logical terms why it is good for America. Also, be sure to tell us if you have any limits. Is there some number in your mind that would be too many? Or, do you think our borders should just be dissolved? I really want to know.

        Even if you don’t take me up on the offer of a guest column (no one ever has), I and my readers really want to know your answer to my last question—do you have any number in mind that would be too many migrants? Or, should America just be erased?

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      3. Ann…your invitation seems to come with many restrictions but sure I’m game to get the word out…whatever you feel unhappy about I write, as your guest, feel free to delete…I’d not want to offend any of your readers by calling out what I see…as my Pop used to say, actions speak louder than words…if you espouse bigoted comments then by definition that’s a bigot…you will rarely find me calling people names…but, some questions for you…have we ever met? And why do you think you can characterize me as you have…only because I called you out on this article did you ever respond to me…there’s a lack of respect in that sort of attitude from a “journalist”


      4. You can write your guest post in the comment space and I’ll post it prominently. I’m offering you this opportunity, but have no plans to waste any more time and give you space here otherwise.

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      5. Wow…what a gracious hostess with the mostess…I’m pretty sure that’s why none of your other invitations came forward… Let the Gay guy help you learn to be more hospitable…its what the Bible talks about…you know what us Christians are supposed to be about…I would like to add that I extended an invitation to the protestors yesterday to come back to Lancaster and lets have a discussion about the issues…maybe you’d like to cover that in your blog 😉


      6. Eddie, I don’t see a reply button under your comments, so I’ll back up to the one closest and hope you’ll be notified.

        What I’d like to know is how you define xenophobia, racism, islamophobia and bigotry? I want to be sure we are applying the same perspective, since I tend to view such terms by their historical definitions.

        A few more questions too, if you don’t mind:

        1) How is it racist to object to Islamic Doctrine since Islam is not a race?

        2) How is it xenophobic to promote and support national security and financial security for Americans by limiting excessive federal expenditures and immigration that displaces American workers? Do you think it’s xenophobic to protect low-income black Americans’ jobs, since this is the demographic that has been devastated by decades of allowing large numbers of low-income workers into the U.S.? Do you think it’s racist to displace our most vulnerable black American workers with other people, regardless of the immigrants skin color? Do you think it’s racist to protect black American workers?

        3) How is it islamophobic to believe what Islam says about itself? And how is the term islamophobia relevant since it is a term made-up by the International Islamic Institute of Thought and promoted by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to silence any questions or critical evaluations of Islam, per the OIC’s own admission?

        4) How is it bigoted to oppose a ideology whose own holy trilogy of books devotes 64% of its contents to political mandates of dominance, by war, if non-believers are unwilling to accept Shariah law over their own laws and religious beliefs, and a mere 36% to its religious aspects and that ideology, which is obligatory for adherents, is in direct conflict with U.S. laws?

        I’d appreciate your explanations, since these terms are often bandied about, but don’t seem to relate to reality, if historically accepted definitions are applied.

        Thank you. I look forward to reading your thoughts.


      7. Note to commenters. Sorry these comments weren’t posted in a more timely fashion. I see we had many at RRW and here that supposedly came in yesterday, but they never showed up here until this morning. Go figure!


      8. 7 Delta, I’ve got to look into the settings and see if there is something I missed, because yes, it appears that there is no way to respond directly to someone’s comment.


    1. I flew in to Reading on a puddle jumper back in the 80s to visit a client, VF Corporation, at their headquarters there. It was a pretty fancy town back then. I see VF has since moved away from where they where founded, in 1899, and moved their HQ to Greensboro, NC. I also had a friend in the AF who lived there while serving, and even after they got out, for many years. Reading must’ve had one HARD fall. SAD!


  4. The city of Lancaster PA itself already is very crime ridden. It is 6 out of 100 on Neighborhood Scout. It has a large Puerto Rican population. However, outside of the city, Lancaster County is still mostly White.

    Towns like Lititz, Mt Joy and Elizabethtown are White and safe.

    The only thing keeping business relocating to Lancaster County is the crime in the city.

    York County has the same situation. The city of York is very dangerous and has gang problems.

    Eventually, they will go after Gettysburg in Adams County next to York.

    South Central PA is hard hit with low house prices and low prices for old office buildings. The refugees will make it even less hospitable for business to relocate there and thus force the hard suffering Whites clinging on to move. Thus dies one of the Whitest areas left in the East.


  5. There is another game that is being played…the remote and not so remote like Greensboro, NC areas they put them do not have services like public transportation…jobs, housing (beyond what the fed dollars go towards) and then the local communities suffer as crime goes up, the snap dollars go up, school costs go up, and public and private housing suffers…just see what happened to Lutheran Services in Greensboro, NC a few years ago with another mass group came in.


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