Follow the MONEY! BIG MEAT changing America by changing the people

When I saw the article at the Wall Street Journal this morning that gushes about how wonderful it is that the International Rescue Committee is giving out loans to refugees to start businesses, but goes on to talk about the industries in need of cheap immigrant labor, I wanted to scream.

ICE raid in Greeley
2006 ICE raid of JBS Swift in Greeley, CO marked the beginning of the ‘discovery’ by BIG MEAT of cheap LEGAL refugee labor that brought the Africans to Colorado.

I can’t impress upon you enough that as Election 2016 unfolds, with mass immigration a key driver of voter concerns, you must all expose the companies (and the non-profit players) working in your communities that are changing America by changing the people.

And, perhaps even more importantly this year, you must expose the elected officials receiving campaign donations from those companies destroying communities for the sake of their almighty bottom line!

Please see my post at Refugee Resettlement Watch about how a Brazilian Meatpacking Company, JBS Swift, is changing American towns!

See how Colorado meatpacker, Cargill caved to CAIR when Somali workers walked off the job, here.

And, don’t miss this! Over 39,000 signatures on a petition to Colorado Governor Hickenlooper  urging him to keep Syrian refugees out of the state.