Cargill destroying American towns by luring migrant/refugee workers

David MacLennan
Meet globalist and CEO of Cargill, David MacLennan, in Davos. One of the key players in changing rural towns in America by working with the US State Department and refugee contractors to bring in large numbers of Somali workers. Photo:

Four meat giants are changing the face of rural America, Cargill is one of those.  It is all about cheap labor!  It is all about money!

Today at Refugee Resettlement Watch we posted about how Amarillo, TX is under enormous social and economic tension. It is Cargill that was originally responsible for overloading (with the help of UN/US State Department refugee resettlement contractors) that city.

Last week it was Cargill caving to CAIR demands in a dispute about prayer break times at their plant in Ft. Morgan, CO.

One of the most important features of this new blog —American Resistance 2016!—is to showcase the enemy.  I want those responsible for mass migration to America to become household names!

And, for your work in Election 2016, I want you all to identify which of your elected officials are in the pockets of BIG MEAT! and expose them!

Refugee resettlement is not about ‘humanitarianism!’ It is about globalists and greedy industries wanting to improve their bottom lines—the social and economic condition of your towns and cities be damned!

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