Trump protester Marty Rosenbluth an adviser to Muslim Brotherhood group

To put Rosenbluth on the case indicates that the Muslim Brotherhood is worried about Trump’s ascendancy in the 2016 Presidential contest.

And, if the Muslim Brotherhood wants to kill Trump’s chances it should be clear to all that Trump is on to something with his suggestion that Muslim immigration to America be slowed.

Rose Hamid
Marty Rosenbluth (left) and Rose Hamid just before they were removed from the Trump event in South Carolina

Remember the political stunt at the Trump rally in Rock Hill, South Carolina on January 8th where a Muslim woman stood ‘silently’ in protest wearing a yellow star (a reader informed me I was wrong in my initial characterization of the star) and standing next to her was the social justice lawyer and community organizer Marty Rosenbluth.

See our earlier report on the stunt here.  CAIR was obviously prepped and waiting in the wings to launch its usual hissy-fit!

Because one of the primary goals of American Resistance 2016! is to ‘showcase’ those working to promote mass migration to America and especially Muslim immigration of all sorts, I wanted to know more about Rosenbluth.

Know the enemy. Professional pro-Palestinian agitator Rosenbluth apparently cooked up the scheme that got him and Hamid booted from Trump rally.

First, see the article at the Progressive ‘Democracy Now’ where reporter (and Democracy Now! founder) Amy Goodman interviews Rose Hamid about how she came to be standing during a Trump speech with that yellow star pinned to her shirt.  ( has an extensive look at Hamid’s political background, click here for that information.)

First, she and Rosenbluth did not arrive at the venue wearing the star perhaps knowing they might be turned away at the door, but pinned them on their clothing only after Trump began to speak.

Hamid claims she just wanted Trump supporters to meet a Muslim and find out that they aren’t people to be feared.  If that was her real agenda, she blew it!  Clearly it wasn’t.  Note in the interview some of those sitting around her treated her kindly and with friendly conversation until Rosenbluth made his move, pinned the star on his shirt and apparently directed Hamid to stand up.

Rosenbluth is a skilled Leftwing agitator as we learned when spending only a few minutes looking around for more information on him.

First, see Democracy Now where we learn how it all went down from the Left’s view of things.

Then, be sure to see this article featuring (aggressive) immigration attorney Rosenbluth working in Durham, North Carolina on behalf of illegal alien clients facing deportation.  We learn that he was an anti-Israeli activist on the West Bank.

Ten years ago, this wasn’t the job Rosenbluth would have imagined for himself. A New York native, Rosenbluth spent more than seven years in the West Bank, advocating for Palestinians who, because of laws restricting their employment, depended on informal street corner markets for work.

Perhaps it is that part of his resume that brought him into contact with the Muslim American Society, a Muslim Brotherhood advocacy group in the United States.

Rosenbluth is listed on their website as an ‘advisor.’  Here is what they say about him:

Advisor – Marty Rosenbluth... Marty Rosenbluth prides himself on being soft-spoken and calm, speaking the language of human rights. Beyond his words are his actions which have been most impressive. Mary was Amnesty International’s area specialist for Israel/Occupied Territories in the 1980s. Marty RosenbluthIn addition to publishing a plethora of media, such as reports, case studies, press releases, mailings, leaflets, audio/visual recordings created by Palestinian and Israeli human rights groups, Marty is also an independent documentary film-maker. His publications feature material from Palestinian trade unions and U.S. based solidarity groups, and first hand accounts of events and conditions in the Occupied Territories. He has worked as an organizer, policy advocate, community educator and is specialized in analyzing the collateral immigration consequences of criminal convictions, while providing direct services to the newly-arrived undocumented.

Mastermind cover
Did you know that Khalid Shaikh Mohammed went to college in North Carolina? Was it simply a case of naive college administrators looking for paying foreign students, or was NC chosen for a reason? I’ve been wondering about that for years.

He was also involved (at least at one point) with North Carolina’s ‘Southern Coalition for Social Justice’ just one more of George Soros’ little projects. See their funders here.

I’m sure there is much more if one wanted to spend more time digging, but this is enough to let you know this was a carefully staged event which frankly doesn’t endear Americans to their Muslim neighbors as supposedly Ms. Hamid and her handler Rosenbluth claimed they wanted to do.  What a joke!

To our friends in North Carolina:

It has puzzled me for years about how your state got targeted initially as a prime refugee resettlement state and a prime destination for Muslim migration in America.  Why?

See all of my posts at RRW on North Carolina by clicking here.  And, see especially this 2011 post about how KSM went to college there.

This is one more in a series of posts tagged, Know the enemy, click here for more.


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  1. They were peacefully attending the rally and were thrown out because of bigotry and paranoia. Could you be any more prejudiced?


  2. North Carolina has been under the control of Democrats for decades. Plus the Research Triangle is a mecca (pun intended) for “multiculturalism”


  3. Very salient points. Just one clarification: They are wearing a primary symbol of Islam, an eight-pointed star, not the Jewish six-pointed star. The more well-known Islamic symbol is the crescent moon.


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