Chobani Yogurt founder promoting refugee resettlement for big business

One of my major objectives for American Resistance 2016! is to tell you who is working to change America by changing the people.  Know the enemy!

The Steve Jobs of Yoghurt, Hamdi Ulukaya, is changing America by changing the people.

One of those is Hamdi Ulukaya founder of Chobani Yogurt who will be going to Davos to the World Economic Forum this week to encourage more businesses to hire refugees (that is, to encourage more resettlement of refugees to America).

BTW, if he wants to spend his millions helping mostly Muslim refugees where they are, that is wonderful and commendable, but lobbying for more to be admitted to the US should be opposed at every turn.

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As you work on Election 2016 you should be calling out those change agents by name and finding their connections to your elected officials at the local, state and national level.  Find out how much they are contributing to campaigns and how they are influencing the local Chambers of Commerce and  your local newspapers!

I can’t impress upon you enough how important it is that you get whatever you learn out to your community and make sure people are registering to vote and getting to the polls.

You MUST! start a local website, or blog, and publish what you learn.  A facebook page is o.k. but won’t reach enough people. If you have to, go door-to-door, but you MUST compete with your local media that is in most cases in the pockets of these corporations!

Don’t get bogged down in endless debates with the No Borders Left and your local progressive community organizers who want to make this all about saving the poor and downtrodden of the world!

As I said in my post at RRW just now.  Refugee resettlement is not about ‘humanitarianism!’

The do-gooders bringing refugees to America are shills for big business whether they know it or not!

It is about globalization and multi-national corporations’ need for cheap migrant laborers!

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12 thoughts on “Chobani Yogurt founder promoting refugee resettlement for big business”

  1. Amazed about Chobani…darn it….just when I was about to get the new 100 calorie version without “additives.” Trying so hard to vote with $$$. At this rate I won’t have to spend anything going forward as all offerings seem to have been gobbled up by the enemies. 🤔😳😫


  2. Run the scenario, up and running and then the prayer call goes out and nearly all of your employees leave the line. All the Muslims walk off, wash their feet, go to prayer and pray. Meanwhile product production has stopped, vats of product are churning, heated and formula is changing until the Muslims meander back in to to begin work again. This is one scenario, now repeat this 3 to 4 more times during the day. What happens to your bottom line? I suggest you call the meat packing firm that fired allot of them, and others that have had Muslim workers that demand to pray in mass and not individually. And will ask for a safe place to pray and a way to bring their religion to co-workers. Now no fat from pigs allowed in the factory. No alcohol of any kind. So get real and hire American’s who won’t ask for several breaks per day, in mass to affect your bottom line.


  3. Thank you Ann for all of your efforts. I agree with you 100% on this. If we lose this issue, we lose our country. It’s as simple as that.


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