Lutheran lobbyist gives us HUGE list of clergy who support Muslim migration to America

They are having fits in the No Borders movement over a bill that is supposed to be on the Senate floor tomorrow and that would supposedly make it harder for Syrian and Iraqi refugees to get into the US.  But, by all accounts, if it isn’t amended, it will be nothing more than a fig leaf.

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If you are concerned about your security with the admission of tens of thousands of Syrian and Iraqi Muslims, LIRS lobbyist Brittney Nystrom thinks you are a ‘hater.’

That hasn’t stopped the refugee contractors and others in the No Borders cabal to go a bit crazy in opposition (and what do you think the odds are that the O-man will even sign it, if it had teeth).

You can read all about it here at RRW.

However, most interesting to me, since we are showcasing ‘know the enemy’ at American Resistance 2016! is this fantastic list of ‘religious’ left clergy and other activists who are actively promoting MORE Muslim migration to America.

This is what I just said at RRW about the list:

‘Faith leaders’ in support of more Muslim migration to America!

Is your rabbi, pastor or priest on the list?

By far the most useful information Ms. Nystrom provides is this list of all the “faith” leaders on the ‘religious Left’ who support MORE Muslim migration to America, more ‘unaccompanied alien children’ for your towns, and who were involved I’m sure in lobbying for the Gang of Eight (amnesty) bill as LIRS did as well.

There is even a state-by-state list of the clergy “welcoming” Muslim migrants to your towns!  Go here and also (quickly) save the list!

***Update*** A reader suggests that you find those on the list where you live and challenge them to put their money where their mouths are and finance the entire program, and assume complete liability for every refugee, and assure the American taxpayers that refugees will NEVER become “public charges”?


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  1. There seem to be a lot of Methodists and Catholics on this list. I am curious as to whether congregations or church councils approved their pastors signing of this letter. In LC-MS churches (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod), the church council would have to approve a pastor adding his name to such a letter, or it would have to be put to a vote at a congregational meeting. I didn’t see any LC-MS pastors listed, although there are a number of Evangelical Lutheran Church pastors. If I did see my pastor’s name on the list, I would call the church office to see who authorized the signing.


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