The specter of Donald Trump’s populism hung over gathering of the rich at Davos

Those gathered at Davos, Switzerland at the World Economic Forum (WEF) this past week represent those big business interests who have driven US elections for decades.  No one gets to the White House who is out of favor with the elitists, the globalists, at Daaavos.  (You don’t think Bush or Obama were elected without the blessing of the globalists?)

donald trump make america great
Those gathered at Davos don’t want America to be a special place.

That is why they are all so freaked out by Donald Trump’s rising poll numbers.

And, when you look into it, it is the issue of immigration that is THE issue scaring the giant corporations and their minions gathered there.  (Don’t forget Mr. Chobani is there too!).

In fact, in light of the reaction of National Review this week (Conservatism Inc.) at the same time as the frightened world power brokers were sweating Trump in Switzerland.  And, then with Glenn Beck invoking the name of Adolph Hitler in regards to Trump, the sides are forming up very clearly.

ted American kids

Never forget that Beck and Senator Ted Cruz went to the US border during the illegal alien invasion of 2014 to bring gifts and food to the migrants streaming across our border.

What do they all have in common?  They do not want to restrict immigration and they fear Trump will!

It is America First! conservatives and working class people against the elites—National Review writers, Beck, and the gang at the World Economic Forum (including the likes of George Soros and Peter Sutherland!).

The international Financial Times (‘Shadow of Populism hangs over Davos’) has a really good article on the fear of Trump at Davos. (I hope it opens for you because it is a subscription publication.)  This last paragraph gives you an idea of what it’s about:

It is possible — if still unlikely — that when the WEF gathers this time next year, Mr Trump will be US president, the UK will have voted to leave the EU and border controls will have been restored across Europe. Those developments would turn the Davos world upside down.

Julia Hahn writing at Breitbart also tells us about Davos. (‘At Davos, Eric Cantor Assails Trump For His America-First Trade Policy’)

Eric grumpy cantor
When George Soros, Eric Cantor, Glenn Beck and National Review’s Rich Lowry are all on the same side, it tells me what side I need to be on!

And, this is so funny! Look who is running his mouth there! Former Virginia Rep and GOP leader who was ignominiously defeated in a primary election by newcomer (populist!) Dave Brat mostly over the issue of immigration—Eric Cantor!

Be sure to see my next post—Davos darling and dupe for big business….

…assuming snowmageddon doesn’t wipe me out today!

Update:  Here it is!

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  1. Trump to CNN at : “…asked whether [he] would consider putting a Muslim in his Cabinet or on his ticket, [Trump responded] “Oh, absolutely…No problem with that.” “I love the Muslims.”
    I choose Ted Cruz — he is much less scattered. Will vote for Trump only if I have to.


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