Time to choose! Conservatism Inc. vs. regular working Americans

There is so much commentary about the National Review’s special edition ‘Against Trump’ that I couldn’t possibly summarize it all.


However, here is a bit from one of those Americans (an undocumented one!) Mark Steyn that pretty much sums up where I am on the issue (the only issue that matters!).  Steyn says Trump’s critics invoke ‘Ronald Reagan’ but:

The past is another country, and the Chamber of Commerce Republicans gave it away. Reagan’s California no longer exists. And, if America as a whole takes on the demographics of California, then “the conservative movement” will no longer exist. That’s why, for many voters, re-asserting America’s borders is the first, necessary condition for anything else – and it took Trump to put that on the table.

I looked at the list of supposed conservative ‘minds’ who had weighed in against Trump and said to myself (and I consider myself pretty well informed), who are these people?  Well, I do know the increasingly loony Glenn Beck.

But, I take comfort in knowing I’m not alone and am proud to be on the same side as Mark Steyn, Diana West, Ann Coulter, Senator Jeff Sessions and much of the time Rush Limbaugh.

Which side are you on?

By the way, see this scorcher from James Kirkpatrick on Conservatism, Inc! I like it! The Dissident Right! because Conservatism, Inc. has not defended average middle class working Americans of all stripes against the effects of mass migration on jobs and on our American culture.

Be sure to see my earlier post—Donald Trump scaring the you-know-what out of the globalists at Daaaavos.

8 thoughts on “Time to choose! Conservatism Inc. vs. regular working Americans”

    1. Right now, I’ve be slacking off due to other demands—like coping with snowmageddon on the farm. I would like to be doing more at my blogs!


  1. I choose the Constitution above all! It was divinely inspired to stand during all the ages before and after Reagan and I don’t believe Trump will defend it. I get we are doomed if Muslim migration to America isn’t stopped. But we are also “doomed” if that is accomplished and we’re left with a president that throws the rest of the Constitution out the window or doesn’t get the difference between Shia’s & Sunni’s among other important information.
    Ann I must say I am disappointed in your latest comments and I am a fan and admirer of all that you do; but calling Beck a “loon” is not called for and just isn’t true. Beck stood alone long before anyone could pronounce “Caliphate” warning of the dangers of Islamism. Additionally, passing out sandwiches to children at the border before they are sent back is hardly an endorsement of open borders. I’m saying this as someone who is outraged at the UN/Refugee scam in the states. I am also against open borders and believe a fence needs to go up before any laws are passed on immigration/refugee resettlement. Finally, Beck is the only man trying to save the persecuted Christians in the Middle East………these are the people the UN ought to approve for resettlement here.


    1. We aren’t going to agree on everything. I did at one time very much admire Beck but have lost interest in him and was one of his followers he lost with that sandwich gig. It was completely unnecessary and struck me as a PR stunt.


    2. Glenn Beck was the one who opened my eyes to politics back in the late 90’s. Since then, he has become an emotional charlatan. He seems to have had a breakdown of some kind. I cannot listen to his show at all. His constant “I have something reallllly BIG I’m going to announce, just you keep tuned in!” hucksterism is eye-rolling. His constant shilling for Goldline is also a complete turnoff, in light of stories I have read of them ripping people off. I could go on, but that’s enough for me.


      1. I started listening to him years ago too, and I thought he did some great work on exposing the problems with Islam. But, will never forget the day when someone called in, a very reasonable sounding guy, who was critical of too much legal immigration and I believe he even mentioned refugees. What he said was very sensible and I thought, that could be me saying that. It wasn’t a rant by any stretch, but Beck said, “Get back under your sheet” and cut the call off. I keep going back to that in my mind. I don’t think he is where I am on this issue by any stretch. He clearly has no clue about the ‘religious’ non-profit groups which get millions of federal dollars each year and then pretend they are doing Christian charity.


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