Milwaukee terror bust story: why is media silent on immigration status?

The story making the news this morning about a Muslim busted in Milwaukee for planning a mass murder event at a Masonic Lodge reminds me of something every one of us should be pushing with our legislators.

There should be a law that the immigration status and the nationality of anyone busted for a major crime be published, by any news outlet publishing the story.  The public has a right to know.

Adios America
Ann Coulter makes this point (in her usual humorous way) throughout ‘Adios America.’ The media is loathe to report on a criminal’s immigration status.

Over the years I’ve posted hundreds of crime stories at Refugee Resettlement Watch (1,916 immigrant crime postswhere I had to dig and dig, and sometimes speculate about how the perp got into the US.   Ann Coulter in her best seller,‘Adios America’, makes this point repeatedly.

LOL! Just as she says, the Fox headline says, “Milwaukee man,” as if that gives us any information.

Legal or illegal? It is the first thing I want to know, how about you?

However, the public is rarely told whether the person arrested is here legally or illegally.  If here legally, we would like to know which immigration program he/she used to gain entry.  And, we should be given the nationality of the immigrant criminal.

[Of course we are ultimately given those answers if the person actually succeeds in killing people, e.g. Sacramento, Boston bombers, etc.]

Samy Mohammed Hamzeh: Legal or illegal? Refugee or some other legal immigrant? See if you can find out and let us know!

Here is the story from last night at Fox News.

Brownie points for anyone who finds out if  Samy Mohammed Hamzeh is here legally, and if he is, extra points if you find out which of our numerous legal avenues of entry he used to get here.  And, what nationality is he? (Maybe you will find he is one of many Muslims born in the USA and who has subsequently become more DEVOUT!).

You know it’s a good thing there are so many Islamic terroists with ‘Mohammed’ in their names because then we, at least, do not have to guess their religion.

How about pushing your legislators in Washington for a simple fix—require publication of immigration status of those arrested for major crimes!

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  1. LOL unbelievable! I read at least 3 different artcls and all I got is he repeatedly calls the elevator a Lift, ok British influence but probably not born here b/c his English still fairly broken –yet it is Americanized English…and half a sentence from his former boss…..hmmmm ..and I just finished reminding readers at another site re Media “DO YOUR HOMEWORK–READ OUT OF STATE NEWSPAPERS ONLINE B/C LOCAL MEDIA SEEMS AFRAID TO PRINT DETAILS AND read London/Euro news” —
    I was grumbling about the need to do that twice re Houston Terrorist arrested last month –because the local “Houston Comical” gave more details to a traffic ticket than they do terrorists; and, local broadcast similar — along with endless days of poor 18 yr old wife and parents getting evicted —AND YET AGAIN had to go to out of state paper to get details of court– ALL THAT to find out that Terrorist was planning on blowing up our Galleria Mall and one other mall (and wife, parents who insisted he was innocent somehow missed the bomb-making gear he was accumulating -can anybody say San Bernadino grandma? lol)
    This media game is getting old how do we change it?
    p.s. asking them directly doesn’t help either I did that few days ago when Houston plane diverted to Ireland re bomb scare Ripping my hair out for decent media coverage!!

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  2. Ann, technical ‘status’ isn’t given, but this report said he moved with his family from ‘Palestine’ 17 years ago (this does conflict with a few other reports run across…..). (at end of the video…..)


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