Trump hires aide to Senator Jeff Sessions, indicates seriousness about protecting American sovereignty

Update January 28th:  Fox News Chairman Rupert Murdoch also owns the Wall Street Journal and today the WSJ is not happy with the cozy Trump/Sessions relationship. See here.  Murdoch can go pound sand!

Lost in the media frenzy over Trump’s withdrawal from tomorrow night’s Fox News debate, is this bit of reassuring news.  (See our previous post here.)

Stephen Miller with the best and most honorable US Senator in America, Jeff Sessions.

From Leo Hohmann at World Net Daily:

Donald Trump has plucked one of the top congressional staffers on Capitol Hill to guide his policy on immigration and other important issues.

Stephen Miller has served the last seven years as director of communications for Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., who has been the U.S. Senate’s most reliably anti-amnesty member in recent years.

Miller, 30, confirmed Tuesday he will be joining the Trump campaign as the billionaire’s senior policy advisor.

“I am excited to announce that I am beginning a new job as Senior Policy Advisor to presidential candidate Donald J. Trump,” Miller said in an email.

Ann Coulter, author of the New York Times best-seller “Adios America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country Into a Third World Hellhole,” said Miller is the brightest young mind in the country on the issue of immigration – both legal and illegal. By hiring him, it shows Trump is serious about converting his tough rhetoric into policy, she said.

“He’s the only person in the country who knows more about immigration than I do. He’s absolutely brilliant and a true American patriot. It says a lot about Trump that he’s smart enough to steal Miller away from Sen. Sessions,” Coulter told WND. “If you still had a scintilla of a doubt, you can rest easy now: Trump’s not backing down on immigration.”

Continue reading. There is much more including the other bit of news lost in the brouhaha:  Trump gets the endorsement of border security hardliner Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

NumbersUSA Presidential scorecard (see it here)

Trump has an A- score.  He would have a solid A if new staffer Miller explains to him how dreadful the Diversity Visa Lottery and Chain Migration are for America!

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  1. If I started on a list of all that we should be thankful to Ann Corcoran for, this post would be longer than most would have the patience to read, so I will just say this: Ann is a national treasure. She contributes more to the well being of our country than so many who receive applause. A very courageous and smart woman. We have to endure a women like Hillary while a gem like Ann, although she is greatly appreciated by those who are familiar with her great patriotic efforts, remains unheralded. And Sen.Sessions is the best in the Senate.

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  2. Will Trump’s hiring of Steve Miller mean that we will see a more polished and statesman-like image for the GOP’s leading candidate? Will Trump begin to focus more tightly on the many dysfunctional components of our laughable immigration policy in the same manner as Sen. Sessions? American workers at all skill levels are being screwed by both political parties 24/7 and Trump needs to start hammering away at this blatant betrayal on a very regular basis.


    1. This is so true! Thanks Ann for your wonderful articles and waking us up to what is really going on and who is behind the scenes of the refugee resettlement and immigration. Will there be any protest at the Welcoming America conference scheduled for April? Thanks again for the wonderful work you do!


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