Mega-wealthy businessmen working with Open Borders Left to change YOUR town

Out of the shadows!

On Wednesday we told you about Fox News/Wall Street Journal’s Rupert Murdoch’s Partnership for a New American Economy (see the co-chairs here including Murdoch, Michael Bloomberg, etc) promoting an Open borders agenda because they say we need millions of new American workers. (It is no wonder that Fox and the Wall Street Journal are trying to destroy Trump!)

Lubell with title
Out of the shadows! Leftist community organizers like Lubell have partnered with globalists, Chambers of Commerce, to change your towns.

And, we told you here (on Monday) about community organizer and Davos darling David Lubell of Welcoming America (here with Obama in Nashville) where I speculate that Lubell is working with global industries to smooth the way in communities for cheap immigrant labor (and of course new Democrat voters as an extra added benefit).

See our entire archive on Lubell at RRW by clicking here.  Lubell got his start with seed money from George Soros.

The Partnership is out of the shadows!

Now we learn that there is no need to speculate—they are working together!  I wonder do Welcoming America’s immigration activists know of the close relationship between Welcoming America and BIG BUSINESS?

Rupert Murdoch
Smug old man Rupert Murdoch is working tirelessly to destroy your towns.

Welcoming America and the Partnership for a New American Economy have partnered in a grant giveaway program—Gateways for Growthdesigned to get your town or county softened up to accept MORE immigrants and refugees!

Community collaboratives must have their applications in by February 5th (from their website):

Immigration is one of our nation’s greatest assets. As immigrants move beyond traditional gateways like New York and Los Angeles to communities across the country, neighborhoods have been revitalized, small businesses have flourished, and cities have been enriched by the economic, civic, and cultural contributions of new Americans.

Recognizing this value, local governments, chambers of commerce, and non-profit organizations are joining forces to develop multi-sector strategic plans for attracting, retaining, and integrating immigrants and international talent. Such plans have spurred new initiatives to support immigrant and U.S.-born entrepreneurs, promote citizenship and financial empowerment, improve public safety, and advance education and workforce goals to help regions compete in the global economy.

To support the development of these plans in communities across the United States, the Partnership for a New American Economy Research Fund (PNAERF) and Welcoming America announce the Gateways for Growth Challenge. The Challenge is a competitive opportunity for local governments, chambers of commerce, and non-profit organizations to jointly apply for research, technical assistance, and matching grants to support their strategic planning processes. Interested communities should submit a Letter of Intent by Friday, February 5th at 5pm EST to

Now go to their Frequently Asked Questions to learn more, by clicking here.

In order to receive matching grant money through this program a ‘non-profit’ group must submit an application with one of the following:

To be eligible, nonprofits must apply with a government or private sector entity. Non-profits can be the lead applicant, but there must be partnership from another stakeholder as well.

Private sector entities include the following:

Chambers of Commerce, private companies, local employers, economic development corporations, and private foundations.

All of you concerned for American workers and the future social/cultural cohesion of your towns, not to mention your security, must immediately try to determine if your local government or Chamber of Commerce is working hand-in-glove with globalists (Murdoch, Bloomberg, Marriott, Disney) and the No Borders Left to destroy America.

Please try to stop them!  America’s future as a sovereign nation depends on you!

Addendum: In case you missed it—Rupert Murdoch’s WSJ not happy with Trump/Jeff Sessions alliance, here.

14 thoughts on “Mega-wealthy businessmen working with Open Borders Left to change YOUR town”

    1. I’m very puzzled by this video. I can’t figure out what the viewpoint is. Why would Jews be in favor of open borders? At some point, if Muslims take over Europe, there will be no place safe for them.

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      1. It is true that many leading Jews are FOR open borders and for more Muslim refugees. Don’t ask me why. It strikes me that its a death wish for them.

        However, I will also point out that some of the best people I know fighting the advance of Islam across the globe are also Jewish.

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  1. Maryland — A few words-up …

    Baltimore Schools Lose Hundreds Of Students, Millions In Funding:

    Gov. Hogan Proposes New $480 Million Baltimore Jail:

    Gov. Hogan Proposes $480 Million In Tax Cuts Statewide:


  2. Ann, if you want to make progress beyond appealing to the right-wing in your crusade, you would do well to stop demonizing the Progressive Left. I’m a leftist, but I’m not a Globalist, I am a Progressive Nationalist. There are more and more like myself who understand that the real battle is against the Multi-National Corporations who want to flood our nation with desperate, job-stealing immigrants. The existence of the Anti-Globalist Left has been proven by the Anti-WTO protests a while back. And we are seeing the spread of anti-immigrant awareness all across the political spectrum in Europe, where they are starting to understand that if they want to preserve their “Welfare States”, purely from an economic viewpoint, they must strictly limit immigration. And cultural awareness is rising all across the spectrum as we are seeing the acts of violence perpetrated on women by immigrants. Fact is, the Millennial Generation, the young folks, are by and large Progressive Leftists. You will never succeed with your efforts if you alienate them. You will never succeed in turning back the clock and making them conservative like their parents. What you can do, is to make them aware of the social, cultural, and economic costs of large-scale immigration from cultures which are non-compatible with ours. What the Anti-Globalist Left needs, is not total condemnation: it needs a nudge, some help, to make the connection between the Globalist Corporations and the push for more immigration. We could be your allies, don’t make us into your enemies. In short, you will catch more flies with sugar than you will with vinegar.


    1. Thank you Thad, I’m glad to hear this news. How do I characterize people like David Lubell? Do you have a name for them that might be more descriptive if you don’t like Open borders Left? I really want to know. Inside the Left is there a lot of turmoil on this issue? As you know there is on the right where the populist nationalist right is splitting with the elite ruling class right (or whatever you want to call them).

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    2. thad, just out of curiosity, I would like to know how you define “progressive.” Hillary once said that she doesn’t consider herself a liberal, but a turn-of-the-century progressive. Do you see a difference between her point of reference and how you see progressivism?

      Fact is, the Millennial Generation, the young folks, are by and large Progressive Leftists. You will never succeed with your efforts if you alienate them. You will never succeed in turning back the clock and making them conservative like their parents.

      Traditionally, as well as currently, around 20% of the population self identifies as liberal, with somewhere between 2-7% of that number identifying as progressive. 28-32% of the population self identifies as conservative, with most of the corresponding “middle” identifying as “leaning right.” It’s the “middle” voter politicians actively woo and which causes swings between the two parties.

      How can that be, if most younger Americans identify as progressive? Traditionally, most young people do self-identify as liberal or progressive when they’re in their late teens and early 20’s and have for multiple decades. By their thirties, most no longer do.

      I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying that if you’re not a liberal at 20, you have no heart, and if by 30, you aren’t conservative, you have no brain. I wouldn’t put it quite that way, but old adages usually contain some truth.

      Our educational systems and institutions, the media and entertainment industry have been slanted left for decades and decades, yet, at any given time over those decades to today, the overall population percentages remaining in the liberal/progressive camp remains static at around 20%, with only a few points of deviation every now and then.

      How do we account for that 20% percentage not increasing steadily? It appears that as young and idealistic people meet the reality of making a living and raising and educating families, their political world view tends to shift right. Neither Ann nor their parents turn the clock back. Apparently their reality does.

      I agree that regardless of where we fall on the political scale, we should find common ground, as often as possible. We also want to remember that not all progressives (turn-of-the-century progressives and variations thereof) are Democrats. Republicans also have progressives on their roster. Each just presents it in narratives palatable to their base. When I refer to progressivism, I mean both parties and I’m specifically referring to turn-of-the-century progressivism. Not all people who consider themselves to be progressive are of that type.

      The refugee resettlement issue affects every American, regardless of political persuasion. While immigration is fine and healthy for a country, it, like everything else, can be taken to such extremes the good turns to harm.

      Americans have nothing to apologize for, nor is it un-American or lacking in American values, for demanding tight controls on who and how many are allowed into this country, nor for demanding the Rule of Law be upheld in regards to anyone here illegally, regardless of how they got here. I’d say, it’s the opposite. We’re expected to obey the law. Government is obligated, by its very existence, with the protection of its citizens, its borders, its resources and its safety and security. Public servants, elected or appointed, sure don’t have any right to break the laws they are bound to enforce nor do they have any moral or Constitutional authority to burden citizens, then leave them to suffer the consequences of bad policies. Bad policy, in this context, is defined as a policy that does not honor government moral and legal commitments to its citizens.

      We don’t have to risk or destroy ourselves in order to lend aid to foreigners in need. In fact, destroying ourselves destroys the ability to aid others. Our entire immigration system, including the RRP, is bad policy indeed. The whole thing needs to come to a screeching halt until we can clean up the mess created over the last 50 years. We need a whole new attitude that is compassionate to struggling Americans first, foremost and always. Then we can start over with laws and policies that make immigration a blessing, not a curse.

      I, for one, am happy to join with you in preserving and protecting our home, our resources, our citizens and our children’s future.

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  3. Ann, you are doing a magnificent job at garnering facts about this invasion/overthrow of the west, but hope is not a strategy. Your audience is but the rank and file of America and we are pitted against the powers that be, including the federal government, the United Nations, the Organization of Islamic States, the Globalists, the leadership of all western nations, the media, the Chamber of Commerce, the European Union, big business, the liberals, the socialists, and the far left. They, in turn, control our economy, our immigration system, law enforcement, and the military. Their greatest allies…Political inertia and a complacent populace!

    They have planned this collapse for many decades while our people are far more interested in Dancing With The Stars, and reality shows than the future of their offspring. You write of November 8 and define it as the day that will define the life or death of America. I remain convinced that there will be no election or if there is it will be just another rigged dog and pony show.

    Where then do I find hope for this nation? In the aftermath of the collapse when anarchy and chaos reins supreme. Following another 911 event, the collapse of our economy, and the failure of the power grid, when terrorism is rampant, our infrastructure destroyed, and our people starving, then and only then will we have any hope of any long term survival. If Americans are what I once believed them to be, it is at this time that they will set aside their petty past-times and join forces to save this country. Should they do this many will die in the effort. Should they not do this many will die in 21st century gulags. This will be the time when we will finally learn if this is indeed the land of the free and the home of the brave, or if that beautiful phrase was just more rhetoric.


    1. Here is where my head is. This is my small part in the war. I do what I can do within the constraints of my life, and my abilities. I don’t get depressed or demoralized (well maybe a little once in awhile). I expect everyone to find their place in the war to save America, and I don’t get angry at those who are busy dancing with the stars because that does me no good. It doesn’t take the majority to bring on a revolution in thinking.

      I have seen progress. So many people are doing their small bit and when you think of the debate going on in the country right now—I could never have dreamed we would be hearing about refugees and the borders almost every night all over the media. So I get up every morning (almost every morning for over 8 years) eager to find some important news to share and I hope in some small way to be helping to turn the tide. I don’t think we are finished yet.

      That said, if we get Hillary, Bush, Rubio or a few other possibilities as Prez this year, we will be finished and I’m going to go lay on a sunny beach somewhere (LOL! if there is a safe one somewhere). Or, maybe watch re-runs of Dancing with the Stars.

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      1. Ann, you are a fine soldier and I am thankful that people such as you are on our side. As for anger, I never allow myself that luxury as it befuddles the brain. As for depression; another luxury that I can ill afford. I have always been rather fond of Kipling’s line ‘If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you’. I cannot help but feel that applies to you as well.

        I have been doing serious research and writing since shortly after Obama mounted the throne. I have been called a prophet by some, a Cassandra by others, and totally insane by a select few, but today I found a certain vindication in the thoughts of Daniel Greenfield. I have long warned my readers that Islam, as evil and dangerous as it is, is in second place behind the Globalists that pave the way for anarchy and chaos to engulf all of the nations of the west. Islam is but a tool in the agenda of these men and women who are paving our road to hell and calling it progress.

        He is now telling people what I have been telling them for the last five years, and I am glad, as he has far more readers than do I. He also closes his essay with a thought I have long voiced; that being if we cannot reverse this tide of Progressivism, we are Dark Ages bound.


        Ann, I thank you so much for responding to a comment that is somewhat less than encouraging.

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