Byron York: Establishment reeling after New Hampshire

Although news junkies have already seen this piece by Byron York at the Washington Examiner in the wake of the NH blowout by Donald Trump, I’m posting it simply because I was sick of seeing that smug John Sununu on Fox so often in the lead-up to the primary in his home state.

Thank goodness the ruling class is crumbling!

Here is York (Former Governor Sununu knew only one person who was voting for Trump!).

Why? because the establishment is insulated from the people!

Now, with Trump’s smashing victory in the New Hampshire primary, we know the answer [NH GOP leaders were out of touch, or there weren’t many Trump voters.—ed] There really were a lot of Trump voters out there, and party officials could not, or did not want, to see them.


According to exit polls, Trump won among men, and he won among women. He won all age groups. All income groups. Urban, suburban, rural. Every issue group. Gun owners and non-gun owners. Voters who call themselves very conservative and those who call themselves moderates.

In short, Trump won everybody.


During that state GOP meeting a couple of weeks ago, I asked former Gov. John Sununu, a man with a lifetime of knowledge about New Hampshire politics, if he knew any Trump supporters. Sununu pondered the question for a minute and said he thought a man who lived down the street from him might be for Trump.


Immediately after the story was published, I got an email from a real estate executive and former member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives named Lou Gargiulo, who happens to live down the street from Sununu. “I’m the guy!” Gargiulo told me. “Not only do I support Mr. Trump, I am the Rockingham County chairman of his campaign. The governor would be shocked to know that many of his other neighbors are Trump supporters as well.”

Gargiulo to York via e-mail after the vote:

“I think like most establishment Republicans, they thought if they kept promoting the narrative that Trump was a passing fancy and he would collapse, it would happen,” Gargiulo told me. “But this phenomena is the result of 25+ years of failed promises and lackluster leadership over multiple administrations from both parties. People have had it, and those in power don’t want to accept the reality they can no longer maintain the status quo.”

Read more here.

P.S. to Cruz supporters, I suspect Sununu didn’t know any of you either.

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