Happy Valentine’s Day! GOP donor-class frustrated, money not buying them happiness

Diana West just tweeted this Politico story from yesterday entitled: GOP mega-donors frozen in frustration and subtitled: Big money stops flowing as donors question its effectiveness, worry about Trump.

Kochs and Trump
Trump has the Koch Brothers fuming. They (and their phony grassroots group, Americans for Prosperity) want Open Borders and are fine with Muslim immigration to America. Photo: http://www.cnn.com/2016/01/08/politics/charles-koch-financial-times-interview/

Here is how the story by Kenneth Vogel begins:

Some of the biggest Republican donors, who collectively have contributed tens of millions of dollars to shape the presidential race, are tightening their purse strings out of frustration with their inability to boost their favored candidates, or to slow Donald Trump.

Rather than continuing to write huge checks to support the cluster of establishment candidates jockeying to emerge as the leading alternative to Trump, a billionaire real estate showman roundly despised by the GOP elite, these donors have mostly retreated to the sidelines. They’re watching anxiously, hoping that the field sorts itself out, according to interviews with a half dozen major donors or their representatives.

They can’t figure out how to put a stake through Trump’s heart!  And, are desperately looking to the Koch brothers to help figure out what to do.

I had meant to tell you about this Vanity Fair story (Can the Koch Brothers stop Trump?) about the uber-wealthy funders of Republican establishment/globalist candidates earlier this week, and never got to it. Please read it now!

I remember so well when the Kochs’ ‘Americans for Prosperity’ came on the scene and opened a Maryland franchise.  Those of us in the struggling Tea Party movement initially cheered the arrival of someone with some money for our causes.


We quickly became aware that, although they were eager to harness the grassroots enthusiasm of tea party-minded people on issues like Obamacare and taxes (both issues that would affect the Kochs’ business bottomline), there was one major issue they were not helping with and that was IMMIGRATION.  The Kochs are Open Borders, they, like all CEOs of giant corporations, want a steady supply of cheap immigrant labor.

We had some important immigration-related issues going on in Maryland then and they were awol for all of us who thought they were on our side, and I believe as a result AFP has fizzled here and I expect elsewhere as well.

Now back to Politico!

If anyone thinks Americans for Prosperity is going to fire up a grassroots movement against Trump, they are dreaming!  Americans for Prosperity is not a Tea Party group!  It is a front for the Koch brothers who are in many ways no better than George Soros is for America!

Vogel continues:

They’re (GOP Establishment mega-donors) looking for one of the existing deep-pocketed outside groups to take action sooner to halt Trump’s rise, with several donors specifically citing the political operation helmed by the billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch.


The Minnesota mega-donor Hubbard, who has donated hundreds of thousands to the Koch network over the years (including at least $50,000 last year), but did not attend the winter meeting, said he planned to call Koch operatives to make the case that they should intervene.

So which of Trump’s policy fronts scare them the most—closing our borders to cheap migrant labor!

“It’s time to start educating,” he said. “It’s obvious that there is no way that we’re going to be able to make Mexico pay for a wall and all this other nonsense. I don’t think anybody’s done an effective job of pointing that out. Hopefully, we’ll have somebody like Americans for Prosperity and the Kochs who will step up to the plate and do it,” he said.

Everyone reading this, unless you want migration to America to continue at the present high level, run like hell if Americans for Prosperity (pretending to be Tea Party) shows up in your state.

Again, country-class people have figured out that they are not on our side on the issue of the century—immigration. Trump says he is!

And, as I’ve said previously: Whether Trump becomes President or not, he has done us all a great service by exposing who is, and who isn’t, first and foremost an America First Conservative!

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