Have a look! Marco Rubio has a D score on NumbersUSA Presidential scorecard

If you are being persuaded by those slick ads on Fox News from Political Action Committees supporting the establishment candidate—Marco Rubio—please visit NumbersUSA, by clicking here and see where he stands on illegal and LEGAL immigration issues.

For me, immigration is the only issue that matters because once they change the demographics of America there will be no undoing the damage.

Screenshot (25)

See my post yesterday—Koch Brothers making moves to throw their big money behind Rubio.  It is all about money for big business looking for a steady supply of immigrant laborers.

6 thoughts on “Have a look! Marco Rubio has a D score on NumbersUSA Presidential scorecard”

  1. Hi Ann,

    Thanks for including the link to Numbers USA. I have followed them for a long time. I wonder why you are so supportive of Trump when he has a lower rating on immigration than Ted Cruz? I too think that immigration is our most pressing issue but having a man who is committed to Christ is also of utmost importance. I have watched Cruz actually stand firm on controversial issues and I have heard Trump vacillate from week to week on other issues. Are we actually sure that Trump will stand firm on immigration or change his mind has he has done on so many other issues.

    I respect your opinions and wondered what I am missing in this evaluation.

    I hope all is going well with you. We are currently in Florida for a few months trying to escape the cold.


    Nancy Steckel


    1. Hi Nancy, What you say is all factually correct, it’s just more of a gut thing. And, of course it is a gamble. But, first, I don’t believe Cruz can beat Hillary and because Trump reached out to Senator Jeff Sessions arguably the best, and most trustworthy Senator of all on the immigration issue, for counsel and guidance, I have confidence in Trump’s judgement on the issue. But, again, it is a gamble!


    2. Oh, I forgot, and on those NumbersUSA scores, I don’t think Trump would support the diversity visa lottery or chain migration, but no one has informed him on those issues and so he has no position. If he took the position I’m sure he would take, if he knew, he and Cruz would be tied.


  2. Most of these politicians will not publicly challenge these grades for the simple reason they haven’t a leg to stand on. Their silence only reaffirms their abandonment of American workers, the rule of law and our sovereignty.


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