Is yours an open or closed primary? Find out!

I’m thinking there are going to be some disappointed people on primary day in some states—states with closed primaries!

ready to vote

Closed primaries means that you must be a registered voter in the party holding the primary.  I know so many of you have become ‘independents’ because you are sick of both parties, but in many states going forward you will be excluded from participating in perhaps the most important election of your lifetimes.

November will be important of course, but the primaries are where the action is!

Go here and see if your upcoming primary is open or closed.

There is nothing shameful about being strategic and changing your voter registration to the party for which you have the most interest in supporting this election cycle.  And, of course, in November your registration doesn’t matter.

You can always re-think your registration after the 2016 election cycle.

Call your local Board of Elections and find out what the rules are and ask about the deadline for changing your party affiliation!

Make sure your friends and family are informed!

Update! Register to vote!  Hispanics are rushing to get citizenship (those unwilling to vote illegally) so they can vote against Trump.  See here.