Amanda Carpenter announces Nixonian enemies list

Who the heck is Amanda Carpenter you might be asking?

Amanda Carpenter
Ms. Carpenter’s description of herself at twitter: “CNN Contributor, Former Cruz comms director, DeMint speechwriter. Mommy. Wifey”

Among other things she is a writer for Mark Levin’s ‘Conservative Review’ and she has taken it upon herself to publicly identify as enemies anyone who is supporting Donald J. Trump for President.

For those of us old enough to remember Nixon (she apparently isn’t!) this move is really beneath Mark Levin (if anything is beneath him and others who are obviously suffering from TDS—Trump Derangement Syndrome!)

What I want to know is who do we call to be added to Amanda’s black list?


To see some of the wonderful patriotic leaders Ms. Amanda has targeted visit Breitbart here (some of my favorite people).  And, see her original Conservative Review article here.

Among the enemies of America are Dr. Ben Carson and Senator Jeff Sessions according to Amanda.

Who the heck was her editor to think this was a good idea?  Oh, it was Mark Levin!

Here is what Breitbart reporter Patrick Howley asked:

Why not a “blacklist” for conservatives who sold out the movement, and their own country, by embracing amnesty and the doctrine of open borders? Why not a “blacklist” for those who wrecked the New American Century within three years by staging a trillion-dollar nation-building experiment in the Middle East? Why not a “blacklist” for those currently trying to broker the convention to throw out the will of the people, or those who would rather support Hillary Clinton because at least they’ll still be able to gin up donations for opposing her?

Learn more about the many faces of Amanda Carpenter at Wikipedia here.

You can tweet Ms. Amanda here.  And, LOL! you can’t make this up! Love one another! She lists the Bible verses 1 John 4:7-9 on her tweet profile.

As I’ve been saying all along, I’m not calling myself a conservative anymore if girls like Amanda are now in charge of deciding who can be admitted to that elite group and who can’t!

23 thoughts on “Amanda Carpenter announces Nixonian enemies list”

  1. The problem with Levin is that he is an academic longing for the “pure” conservative. The problem is that most people aren’t persuaded by intellectual arguments and logic, probably why Romney lost. People are voting with their guts this time.


    1. After working for the government for over 40-years at the federal, state and local government levels I believe America, as we know it today will be destroyed and the massive federal spending will cease (which includes UNCONSTITUTIONAL agencies, departments, programs, and federal funding or roads, infrastructure, WELFARE, social security, Medicare, Medicaid, ObamaPhones, subsidized Internet, etc.). This will be forced upon us because voters ignore our Constitution and demand stuff from the mayor, city/town council, county council, state and national leaders will be obliged to provide it in order to get reelected to office. Do you remember the saying, bringin’ home the bacon?
      Which candidate for president wants to eliminate unconstitutional agencies, departments, programs in order to move us back to the limits our Founding Fathers placed on us when they wrote, debated and signed our Constitution and then the Bill of Rights?

      We are now $19 trillion dollars in debt and if we could find enough politicians at all levels of government willing to place our national security as their top priority instead of Cultural Marxism i.e. political correctness, we could reverse our destruction. Here is a math question for your kids and grandkids. We are now $19 trillion dollars in debt and if we put $10 million dollars a day, 365 days annually, how many years will it take to pay it off? (not counting interest and additional borrowing)
      It will take 5,220 years to do so. Think about it!
      Take time to read: How Did We Get Here?
      When Legalized Theft Becomes Routine, It Pays for Everyone to Participate
      July 6, 2010 Water E. Williams
      The late Alabama governor George Wallace once said, “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between Republicans and Democrats.” Both Republicans and Democrats agree on taking our money. Where they differ is what to spend it on.
      In 1794 James Madison, the acknowledged father of our Constitution, wrote disapprovingly of a $15,000 appropriation for French refugees saying, “I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents.”

      This vision was restated even more forcefully on the floor of the House of Representatives two years later by William Giles of Virginia, who condemned a relief measure for fire victims. Giles insisted that it was neither the purpose nor the right of Congress to “attend to what generosity and humanity require, but to what the Constitution and their duty require.”
      [Frank’s note: Our USELESS government (federal, state, county and local) is liken to a gigantic drug cartel and their drug of choice is our federal tax dollars being used for purposes other than the original intent of our Founding Fathers and that was limited to what was outlined in our Constitution Article I, Section 8!]


    1. Hi Ed, thanks for your service! If I hear that Miss Amanda is taking requests from those of us who want to be on her list, I will let you know. And, if you find out, or get on, help me get on too! Deal?


      1. DEAL! and sorry about spelling error—LBJ (who appointed me to Annapolis) symbolically threw down his rifle and abandoned our Armed Forces in the field -I agree 100% with your mission statement!


  2. I wrote this the day Ben Carson threw his hat in the ring…
    And revised it the day Donald Trump threw his hat in the ring.

    Ben Carson is an Establishment lackey, a spoiler placed in the race to divert attention away from Establishment candidates, and steal votes from more viable candidates, like Rand Paul who is not in the Establishment’s pockets.

    This is how it’s likely to play out…

    Main Stream Media (MSM) will champion Ben Carson on the right, while simultaneously demonizing him on the left, to polarize the electorate.

    SPLC as already done its job of demonizing Ben Carson to polarize the electorate

    Look for the MSM bring out SPLC findings if the lefties begin to gravitate towards Ben Carson, anytime in the race; remember Ben is not running to win.

    The Establishment doesn’t want the electorate to crossover well established party lines, the SPLC findings should be enough to keep them in their place.

    The MSM will likely announce that Ben Carson is gaining momentum, offer a few phony numbers, and add that Ben’s run can only be derailed by a racist electorate who doesn’t want to see another black man in office.

    Ben Carson’s talking points will closely mirror those of Rand Paul, on nearly every issue from, Gun Rights, End the FED, End the IRS and so forth.

    Ben Carson will likely pull out all the stops; by saying immigration is hurting the country.

    Look for Ben Carson to call out Al Sharpton, and Obama early and often, he’ll link the two together as much as possible.

    And in this corner we have, Ben ‘The Spoiler’ Carson.

    Ben Carson will have the best corner men money can buy, Financiers like Goldman Sachs will back him. Ben’s Promoter’s in the MSM will sell him as the best thing that has ever happen to the right. His handlers will come from the neoconservative camp of well-heeled lackeys, possible John McCain.

    Ben Carson’s only two opponents in the race will be…

    Rand Paul and Donald Trump will both be fighting for their lives against the Establishment’s well-heeled well-greased lackeys.


    1. Mark, a friend and I were talking the other day when he made a good point. It’s an angle certainly worth considering. If Donald Trump wins the nomination, he cannot allow the GOPe to pick his V.P., like Reagan did. Trump’s best life insurance policy is to pick Rand Paul.


  3. Mark Levine says he stands for the constitution….when actually he stands for TED CRUZ. Problem…the people do not like Ted Cruz. He is the Preacher who will tell us what to do. I had always listed to Levine….and believed in him….but for the past few months he does not have a balanced show….all he does is yell at people and tell them that Cruz is THE ONE. I will not listen again.


    1. I was never a big fan of Levin anyway. Never liked the yelling…”get off my phone.” Really though, no matter what happens with Trump now at least so many are showing their true colors. Talk radio will never be the same.


  4. Andrew Breibart would be appalled at what Breibart has morphed into. He himself said, Trump was no conservative years ago. I am amazed at how everyone is giving Trump a pass on all his anti conservative views and inconsistencies all because he is now talking tough on immigration (after using it to his advantage for years, but hey that’s just business). Remember, Trump changed on the worker visa program from being against to being for (all within a few weeks). There is an off the record interview between Trump and the NYT in which he allegedly said that he would be flexible on immigration. I don’t know if he said that or not but he only needs to allow them to release the tape of the interview to prove he didn’t. I would think supporters would demand that.
    Also, why does everyone have to agree? If Mark Levin or any other person doesn’t support Trump, it doesn’t mean their views are any more or less important than Trump supporters views are.I read this blog for the information on the refugee crisis not for advice on who to pick for president. I don’t now discredit all the hard work and information on this blog because we don’t agree on a presidential candidate.
    I am totally against the Refugee Resettlement program, I just don’t think Trump with all his talk of a big beautiful wall is the one to fix it.

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    1. So Marie, you think its o.k. to make lists of enemies including Jeff Sessions and Ben Carson as enemies? I wouldn’t do that to those who support Cruz. And, if you want to read about refugees, maybe just stick with Refugee Resettlement Watch. This blog was set up for the primary purpose of me saying things about the election—whatever I want to say about it!


      1. Oh no, I don’t agree with making any list on either side at all. I agree 100% with your right to say whatever you want on your blog I just thought people could disagree and have their own opinions and state them here as dialogue on this very important issue.


      2. I think I’ve posted all comments from people who differ with my views on the Presidential candidates. I wish more people would weigh in, but they don’t.


    2. It’s OK to disagree obviously, but the way Levin is going about it is to trash people who support Trump and put them on a blacklist, implying that they are beneath contempt. That’s not a way to persuade people to come over to your side. Trump is direct and can be abrasive, but he also has a sense of humor and congratulates his opponents at times, while Levin is biting and condescending.


      1. I just checked Miss Amanda’s original list and it looks like there are no new additions. I wonder if Levin wised up and saw what a dumb idea this black list is especially just now as he is trying to launch some TV show.


  5. I have stopped listening to ALL so-called “conservative” talk radio. The masks have not only slipped, they are on the floor. I am sure many others have done the same. As they say on Conservative Treehouse, “This is an insurgancy”. Yes, yes it is.


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