Fargo, ND: Partnership for a New American Economy exposed in rural America

Wow! People across the heartland of America are beginning to understand what is happening to them!

This is a must-watch video of a local TV news reporter exposing the Partnership for a New American Economy’s joint effort with Open Borders activists like Welcoming America and the US Refugee Admissions Program to make sure a steady supply of cheap labor is distributed to your towns and cities.

Also exposed is a classic and pernicious campaign that is underway to manipulate public opinion!

For background see our post from January about Rupert Murdoch and his rich elitist pals at the Partnership for a New American Economy. And, then see our post just last week at Refugee Resettlement Watch about the selection of the 20 cities where citizens are going to get the full-court propaganda press to “welcome” their replacement population.

See also Leo Hohmann’s more detailed report on what these big-wigs have planned for 20 cities.  This is what I said at WND:

“They want to manipulate the minds of the community and get Americans to believe mass immigration is going to be good for them, that they’re all going to benefit from the influx of more and more migrants,” said Ann Corcoran, author of the Refugee Resettlement Watch blog. “It’s a mind game to soften up the receiving communities.”


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  1. George Soros/Gyorgy Schwartz, one of the key players in this destruction of America is Hungarian Jew and Nazi Collaborator. He got great joy turning Jews and Christians into the Nazis for a piece of the pie. Instead of being captured and put on trial for his war crimes he ends up being rewarded US Citizenship by the Clinton white house. This group has eliminated the Stars from the Field of Blue. Perhaps the ‘Partnership for a new American Economy’ is no more than the Millennium Reich Hitler had envisioned ? Hitler’s vision of a United Europe has come true with the EU. The only way to defeat this group would be for one to not invest in Wall Street.
    I guess it is true when it is said that not to know History one is destined to repeat History. America may now be the American Weimar Republic ? I don’t think I will be moving to North Dakota now.

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  2. Be sure to stress that these so-called refugees (economic migrants) are unassimilable and that this is part of a planned, global effort enabled by that other PNAC. The Yinon plan calls for destruction and conquest of the middle east from the Nile to the Eurphates ; PNAC 1 called for “a new Pearl Harbor” (9/11) to garner public support for executing the Yinon plan; Gen. Wesley Clark said he was told of plans to destroy these countries in advance; and now we have a globalist billionaire cartel lobbying every (and only) majority-white country (except Israel for some reason) to take in millions of economic migrants under false pretenses (e.g., PNAC 2 in the US). To a curious onlooker, it might seem as if destroying countries and funneling millions of vagrants toward Europe, the US, Australia, and Canada — with full approval from certain officials — was part of an organized and well-funded plan.


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