Trump comes to Hagerstown, MD

Yesterday was a picture-perfect spring day in western Maryland. It was the kind of day for a visit to friends, a lunch out, a little work in the garden, but instead I, and thousands of others from Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, walked what felt like a mile from the parking area to a huge airplane hangar at the Hagerstown Regional Airport where, packed like sardines, we waited for hours to hear what Presidential candidate Donald Trump had to say.

Trump lands in MD
Trump lands to booming triumphant music. Photo: my tall young friend Ruth!

It was worth the wait.

The aching back and legs were all worth experiencing the phenomenon first hand.

On the roads lining the walk to the hangar were dozens of vendors selling Trump memorabilia.  I asked one woman where she was from and she said Michigan. Imagine this! They follow Trump events around the country selling their wares. It must be lucrative for them and one had to admire their entrepreneurial spirits (if not the quality of their merchandise).

There were two small groups of demonstrators.  There was a small (maybe 20) group of locals with homemade signs that seemed to favor the word “hate.”  And, then there was another group, maybe 15, closer to the hangar with the characteristic professionally printed commie signs. You know they are always bright yellow with black letters (Workers World Party in this case).

Snipers were on roofs nearby and the security check involved metal detectors and bag searches.

Then came the wait….

Music played, people chatted with their compatriots and those around them for hours! Occasionally a chant broke out.  A raised platform in the middle of the hangar held at least a dozen camera-men and reporters for presumably all of the major media.

Trump button
The vendors got some $ from me!

While chatting with neighbors, we agreed that much of the passion (and endurance—you know Sunday afternoon, beautiful day) in a group like this was a direct result of watching the Obama presidency over the last 7 plus years and wanting to send a message that his Presidency would be most repudiated and nullified with Donald Trump in the White House.

The only problem I saw with the planning for the rally (they had food, water and porta pots), albeit it was done with only a couple of days notice, was the enormous wasted opportunity with a microphone available and a crowd of thousands getting bored (how many times could you send text messages and otherwise play with your phones).

I wished we could hear from others campaigning for office, or better still hear from the Trump delegate candidates who will be on the ballot tomorrow.

Since I was positioned maybe a third of the way back from the podium, I have no idea whether the hangar was completely full, but I am told it was.

My uneducated guess put the crowd size at about 7,000-10,000.  The local newspaper, the Hagerstown Herald Mail puts it at 5,000. Trump himself put it at 18,000 (you did have to go on line and get tickets so maybe he did have the best handle on the number).  But, no matter the size, the energy was electric and looking around it was evident that Trump supporters come from all walks of life.

One of my friends said she felt safe because many of the men, they were young and old, looked like they could take care of themselves and us if something bad happened.  I put the crowd as almost evenly split between men and women (so much for the notion that women don’t like Trump).

Lynn, Diana and me
Our excellent adventure! Lynn, Diana and me

Trump was supposed to fly in at 4 p.m. but it was nearly five before his well-known Trump helicopter arrived to booming triumphant music.

He spoke for about an hour with no teleprompter and no sign that he was going to follow the supposed instructions of his new campaign hires to look and sound presidential.

The audience roared and laughed along with him especially cheering his statements about getting rid of Obamacare and Common Core.  They roared approval of his trademark build-the-wall plans, and his adamant assertion that he will fight for the second amendment and take care of vets.

And, of course his ideas on trade and jobs were a focal point as he several times reported on how much manufacturing Maryland has lost in recent decades.  (You can watch it all in replay, here).

I was struck by his use of the words a couple of times near the end—“America First!”—the two words that I believe sum up his entire message.

Only one line in the Herald Mail story mentioned the real genius of the speech, he made the audience feel like they were in this with him, that he didn’t care who endorsed him as long as we, the voters, did:

I want your endorsement,” he said to cheers.

Much to my surprise, when it was all over, Trump did not jump in the waiting helicopter and immediately fly away.  He stayed for at least another half an hour talking to people along the rail that held hundreds of diehard fans back as they snapped photos of him.  Then he took group photos on the tarmac with military (or police). (I couldn’t tell from where I stood.)

I was able to see aide Stephen Miller on the tarmac with him. You may know him as the former aide to Senator Jeff Sessions and a national expert on the issue of immigration.

All in all, it was well worth giving up a beautiful day because my friends and I agreed that we were witnessing history in the making (no matter how it turns out).

14 thoughts on “Trump comes to Hagerstown, MD”

  1. I am a great admirer of yours, Ann, and I am a Trump supporter. I was so pleased to learn that you are also a Trump supporter; it makes me feel we are on the same wavelength! I’m someone who wants to stand against political correctness. I fault the establishment politicians in Washington for so much that is wrong in this country of ours. Cruz and Kasich are true politicians who are beholden to all sorts of special interest groups. I think this country will continue on pretty much the same path, if one of them is elected. I’ve also never liked the lawyer-politician combo (Cruz); it seems to beget more dishonesty and less transparency. Of course, getting Trump elected will not be enough. We need to get rid of a large percentage of the current politicians in both the House and the Senate.


  2. As a subscriber to your newsletter, Refugee Resettlement Watch, and as a constitutional conservative, I am amazed by your willingness to believe and put so much hope in one man’s present words when nearly his entire life negates those same words. How can you believe the words of a 69-year old man when up to 1 year ago he was a registered Democrat, voicing liberal, progressive, and big-government views on everything from abortion to taxes? Why don’t you support a candidate who has a lifetime of voicing conservative principles and acting in ways that support those principles? Why don’t you support a candidate who has actually fought the establishment instead of someone who for decades has supported the liberal establishment with both money and words? I don’t trust the words of Donald Trump because they don’t match his behaviors of the past 5 decades! I realize that no candidate is perfect and that you can always find inconsistencies between their words and their behaviors, but shouldn’t we be supporting the candidate who is the most conservative of all and who has the best track record of all? If Donald Trump is elected as our POTUS, I predict that many of his supporters will be sorely disappointed by his actions as President. The single best predictor of any person’s future performance is their past record and I don’t see anything in Trump’s past performance to make me want to vote for him. Please explain how you can put so much faith in Trump’s present words (and even many of these are inconsistently conservative and often liberal) when he has essentially 50 years of demonstrated liberal actions and words. Thank you for your time and for the newsletter.


    1. What can I say, I like Trump and don’t like Cruz or Kasich. It is visceral. Only time will tell.


    2. Upon reflection, my previous answer probably sounds insufficient, so let me say that (as you know) I believe that how we manage immigration is the most important issue of all time, and because Senator Jeff Sessions, the most honest and brave immigration control leader in America, has placed his confidence in Trump, then so do I.


      1. Ann, thank you for your honest response to my questions. I really appreciate your taking time from your busy schedule to answer my original post. If Mr. Trump is elected as POTUS, I pray that he will be a good one. God bless America!


    3. Well said, Mark. Here we have a candidate who is a devout person of Faith (CRUZ) who has spent much of his life opposing the go-along, get-along, DEAL-making Congress, while the other, (TRUMP) bragging about the number of times he has cheated on his wife, with married women, and criticizes companies for making products out-of-country, while HE DOES THE SAME, yet DEMONIZES them, while merely explaining the incongruity with, ‘well, I’m a businessman.’ Why does a MULTIMILLIONAIRE not give enough care about jobs in this country, to exercise genuine patriotism by saying, well, ‘how much money do I REALLY, need?’ I will make just a bit less (SINCE I AM ALREADY RICH) to KEEP jobs here. Its not as though he is, ‘teetering,’ on the financial, ‘edge.’ His staunch commitment to the abuse of the Kelo decision (re.eminent domain) should be enough to turn ANY genuine conservative.

      Then, on the abuse of the H-1 VISAS, (ie. Disney abuses) Trump has been on 3 SIDES of this issue. First against, then for, now…well what day is it? He has NO core VALUES. Make America great. Virtually as ‘broad-based’ & NONSPECIFIC, as ‘HOPE & CHANGE.’ ADDITIONALLY, Trump wants the Press to be, ‘less free’….saying he would like to make it easier to SUE those with whom he DISAGREES! JUST how many WARNING ALERTS/SIGNALS does one need? Now, his view that there’s nothing wrong with a 50 yr old man, who just happens to be, ‘feeling Pretty,’ to wander into a public restroom with 16 yr old ladies changing.
      Oh my GOSH! He has literally NO actual conservative Values, upon which to even BUILD a foundation. He has no need for God, since he says he has not YET done ANYTHING for which to ask
      forgiveness. I could go on, but why bother? People who support Trump, are not about ANY kind of actual
      Thank You,
      Mark D. Bittner


    4. Mark, I am curious as to how you know that Ted Cruz will stand up for the people? His wife is heavily involved in Wall Street and he has also been part of the Washington Cartel for years. You speak of past performance and I have only seen him take a true stand once with the filibuster but that really was all for show. His voting record reflects just as many votes with the democrats as against. He is no more conservative than Trump, he just knows how to play the game better. If you follow Ann’s blog then you know that only Trump has taken a REAL stand against the refugee invasion and that is All I care about.


    5. I feel the same way! I’ve recognized for some time that liberals believe history ends & begins again each moment they wish it to be so, but this is the first time I’ve seen what I thought were sensible, rational conservatives fall for this Tinker Bell ‘Wish-It-So’ scenario! Trump professed his ‘New York values’ like abortion or homosexual ‘rights’ until he converted them into Patriotic feelings for the campaign trail. It’s not like those things aren’t available all over YouTube, printed media, etc! Like Barack Hussein Obama flashing “Hope & Change”, “Change we can Believe In” or “Betting on America” to dazzle and hypnotize his wishful followers, we have Donald Trump replicating the same tactics to prove it isn’t exclusive to socialists.


  3. Several months ago I saw Trump in SC on an aircraft carrier & it was standing room only also. When he talked about putting up a wall on our southern border the cheers were deafening.


  4. I felt like I was right there with you, reading your excellent report! LOVE that pin!!! Did they have posters of it, too? Make America GREAT Again!!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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  5. Ann- I am so glad you went to the rally and gave us this report! I have been watching the Trump get togethers live stream on RSBN (Right Side Broadcasting Network) and they have all been so inspiring. Funny, as I watched yesterday in Hagerstown, I was thinking the same thing you mentioned- what a gorgeous day (the weather was great here in NY too) and surprised that so many people gave up a lovely spring day to hang around an airport hanger and wait for DT. It goes to show just how passionate Trump’s supporters are and that there is nothing the GOP elites can say that will deter our patriotism. At last a candidate who is not afraid to say AMERICA FIRST and the hell with the rest of them. Keep up the good work Ann- you go girl!




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