Trump v. Clinton: Maybe YOU aren’t undecided, but send this to those who might be

With the help of patriots in Michigan, we have put together a video that we hope is one final thing to help persuade those sitting on the fence that by voting for Donald J. Trump as President there is a very good chance America will have a fresh start and thus America will be safe and prosperous again.

And, in combination with what we learned from the stunning announcement yesterday that the FBI was re-opening the Clinton e-mail scandal investigation, maybe this video and yesterday’s news will be the final straw for Americans who don’t want to see the American Presidency dragged through the mud for years to come if Hillary and slick Willy are returned to the Oval Office.

Consider this: If Hillary is elected (she is ill), it will be John Podesta and Huma Abedin running the country while Bill roams the corridors in search of interns.

Take an hour this weekend and watch this compilation of news and videos that you might have missed (here is the link in case you can’t see the embed: )