Do liberals hate horses (along with the police)? Sure looks like it!

For those who know me, you know this photo of a liberal, anti-Trump supporter smacking a police horse in Kansas City is disturbing.

We are beaten over the head (excuse the pun) and called haters because we support Donald Trump, but look at the face of the Far Left agitator April Foster as she goes after Dan, the police horse—a service animal just doing his job.

So who are the real haters here?

A protester pushes a police horse outside a rally for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at the Arvest Bank Theater in Kansas City, Mo., on Saturday, March 12, 2016. (Christopher Smith/Kansas City Star/TNS)


I posted the story (yes, we have stories too) from Breitbart at my facebook page (with a mention of #JusticeforDan), but when I saw it just now I became annoyed again.  My friend Cathy suggested #horselivesmatter! But, I see there is already a hashtag for Horse Lives Matter, and this story was tweeted there.

Actually that picture above, where she is hitting Dan, is after she tried scaring Dan by shouting in his face (these horses are extremely well-trained to not respond to such aggression).

April shouting at Dan
You can see in his eye that Dan is a little afraid, but is remaining calm because that is his job and he knows it.

Did you wonder what that banner Ms. Foster is carrying says?

I did! And, found it here being proudly held by the peaceful, kind and loving Ms. Foster.

April Foster banner
Ms. Foster (a self-described ‘commie’) says if you are a Trump supporter you are a Nazi or a Klansman. PYO is the Progressive Youth Organization.


Please read ‘her’ story at Gateway Pundit where blogger Kristinn Taylor quotes from the police report:

Police said Foster approached an officer and his horse named Dan and began yelling and screaming in the horse’s face, trying to scare the animal.

“When this tactic did not work she attempted to push my horse with no success. I observed this to only make her more angry and violent and in a last attempt she struck my horse in the face with an open hand,” the officer’s report said.

KCTV 5 reported that ‘non-violent’ protester Ms. Foster has a court date.

Anyone in KC on May 4th (9 a.m.) might want to stop by!  Afterall, #horselivesmatter and #JusticeforDan!

April J. Foster, 29, was arrested about 5 p.m. Friday in the 9200 block of Ward Parkway and charged with abuse of a police service animal. Foster was later released after posting a $500 bond and is scheduled to appear in Municipal Court on May 4.

The story gets much bigger when you have a look at horse-hater Ms. Foster’s organization—Progressive Youth Organization.  See ‘Out with the racists, in with refugees.

I wonder if they have any connection to the now defunct Progressive Youth Organization of Afghanistan, here.  Hmmmm! Red-Green axis???

Stories, stories, stories, the Left’s tried and true method to jerk your chain

Well, maybe not your chain dear readers, because you get it, but for those not steeped in policy discussions on a daily basis.  Casual voters and skimmers of the news are particularly vulnerable.

Get out your tissues!  Rather than arguing the logic (illogic from our point of view) of federal initiatives—like the mass migration push of the Progressive Left, they always manage to get sympathetic stories about immigrants and refugees planted throughout the media in an effort to reach your emotions with the hope that you will forget your brains!

This is a ‘story’ from last week at the Daily Beast and it’s all about how a Muslim woman is now a US citizen thanks to Reagan’s 1986 (disastrous for us) amnesty. The title of the ‘story’ is: ‘A Muslim woman brought here by Reagan. Pushed away by Trump.’

Nancy and Farhana
The Daily Beast’s photo to illustrate their sob story…

The ‘story’s’ hook is Nancy Reagan’s passing.  And, by the way, Farhana (the sympathetic star of the ‘story’) was not “brought here by Reagan.” Her father got in here illegally from Bangladesh and was granted amnesty (along with millions of other illegals) by Reagan.

Now Farhana, who always voted Republican (we are told) is being driven away from the political party she loves by Trump’s language.  I don’t need to go on, you get it, as if the Daily Beast cares one wit about one less Republican voter.

My point here is that we need to play the ‘story’ game every chance we get!

Those of us using our logic and reason when looking at public policy issues need to play their game more often—the let’s tell a ‘story’ game.

Esar Met closeup
Esar Met, a Burmese Muslim refugee, gets life in prison for murder of 7-year-old Christian girl.

For example, I never miss an opportunity to remind readers of that brutal rape and murder by a Muslim refugee of a little Christian girl in Salt Lake City a few years ago.  I reported it again here yesterday.

(And, by the way, the national media never picked up this ‘story’ even as the sensational trial went on for many weeks. Why? Because it didn’t fit the mainstream media’s narrative!)

Then there is the Iraqi refugee rapist who was living in Colorado Springs before he was sent to prison for the next 28 years, and the Kentucky refugee jihadists now doing time in federal prison.  Grrrr! You paid for their resettlement to America and now you will pay for their decades behind bars.

Jasim Ramadon, an Iraqi refugee convicted of raping Colorado Springs woman.

You get my drift. If the Open Borders Progressive Left is going to inundate the media with sympathetic migrant stories, you should be doing the same with the unsympathetic ones.

Don’t make anything up or exaggerate—just remember to use emotion as a strategic (powerful) political weapon when you write.

If they can use Farhana’s story, you can balance it with Met’s story!

Trump spokesman exposes feminist hypocrisy with comments on female genital mutilation

Stephen Miller CNN
Soft spoken Trump aide Stephen Miller lets them have it on CNN yesterday. Let’s talk about real issues effecting American women!

Good for Stephen Miller!

Readers, I had such big plans to write a lot here this morning (I have a backlog of good stuff), but got side tracked (first at Potomac Tea Party Report where I needed to remind Marylanders to register to vote by April 5th, and tell them about the largest mosque complex in America opening this week right here in MD!)

Then I got side tracked with a post on Georgia here where a resettlement contractor is trying to figure out how to survive if Trump is elected and their supply of Muslim refugees is cut off.

That was followed by a fit of annoyance when a reader sent me a Wall Street Journal story about “welcoming” Utah where WSJ reporter Miriam Jordan never mentioned the brutal rape of a Christian girl by a Muslim refugee—a story which I am never going to let anyone forget!


So now, little time for a report on how Trump spokesman Stephen Miller lectured the harpies (and harpy enablers) at CNN yesterday about how they run their mouths on “sexism” but never dare mention really awful things happening to American (mostly immigrant) women, like female genital mutilation.

But, not to worry, Julia Hahn at Breitbart tells the story in very thorough fashion here.  This is how she begins:

Members of Sunday morning’s panel on CNN State of the Union are oblivious to the barbaric, anti-Western practice facing hundreds of thousands of U.S. girls as a result of unbridled Muslim migration.

When the CNN panel sought to criticize Donald Trump for his so-called sexist retweet that has monopolized the news cycle for several days, Trump’s senior policy advisor Stephen Miller punched back, slamming Washington’s political class and corporate media for expressing “feigned indignation” about a retweet while ignoring serious issues facing U.S. women.

“The political class in Washington D.C. works itself up into a feigned indignation about things that don’t actually affect the lives of the American people,” said Stephen Miller.

Miller explained that the political class in Washington D.C. gets mad about the wrong things. Miller then proceeded to list issues that should actually be a source of righteous indignation: “We don’t get mad when Americans are murdered by illegal immigrants, we don’t get mad when people have their jobs taken by cheaper foreign workers here on visa programs, we don’t get mad when entire cities are crushed by our trade policies that send jobs overseas… So I think a big part of the Trump campaign is that people want to get mad about the right things.”

Learn more about what Miller said especially on female genital mutilation by continuing here.  See map, here, where women are most at risk in US for female genital mutilation (states with big Muslim populations!).

And watch the clip, here:



It is time to sign up for ACT for America’s 2016 Washington conference

Screenshot (31)

It is scheduled for September 6-7th in Washington, DC.  I highly recommend it. I’ve been twice, in 2014, and in 2015 I was invited to speak about the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program.

ACT is a very active grassroots organization.

Watch this inspirational video presentation of what they do and what you can expect in Washington in September (two months before the most important election of our lifetimes).



Go here for sign-up information.

Amanda Carpenter announces Nixonian enemies list

Who the heck is Amanda Carpenter you might be asking?

Amanda Carpenter
Ms. Carpenter’s description of herself at twitter: “CNN Contributor, Former Cruz comms director, DeMint speechwriter. Mommy. Wifey”

Among other things she is a writer for Mark Levin’s ‘Conservative Review’ and she has taken it upon herself to publicly identify as enemies anyone who is supporting Donald J. Trump for President.

For those of us old enough to remember Nixon (she apparently isn’t!) this move is really beneath Mark Levin (if anything is beneath him and others who are obviously suffering from TDS—Trump Derangement Syndrome!)

What I want to know is who do we call to be added to Amanda’s black list?


To see some of the wonderful patriotic leaders Ms. Amanda has targeted visit Breitbart here (some of my favorite people).  And, see her original Conservative Review article here.

Among the enemies of America are Dr. Ben Carson and Senator Jeff Sessions according to Amanda.

Who the heck was her editor to think this was a good idea?  Oh, it was Mark Levin!

Here is what Breitbart reporter Patrick Howley asked:

Why not a “blacklist” for conservatives who sold out the movement, and their own country, by embracing amnesty and the doctrine of open borders? Why not a “blacklist” for those who wrecked the New American Century within three years by staging a trillion-dollar nation-building experiment in the Middle East? Why not a “blacklist” for those currently trying to broker the convention to throw out the will of the people, or those who would rather support Hillary Clinton because at least they’ll still be able to gin up donations for opposing her?

Learn more about the many faces of Amanda Carpenter at Wikipedia here.

You can tweet Ms. Amanda here.  And, LOL! you can’t make this up! Love one another! She lists the Bible verses 1 John 4:7-9 on her tweet profile.

As I’ve been saying all along, I’m not calling myself a conservative anymore if girls like Amanda are now in charge of deciding who can be admitted to that elite group and who can’t!

Brilliant video: “Blood will be on media’s hands” if campaign violence gets worse

Watch this stunning video by Paul Joseph Watson: ‘The Assassination of Donald Trump’ (hat tip: Diana):

Here is the link if the clip doesn’t appear for you:

Conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly endorses Donald Trump

It happened on Friday in her home town of St. Louis; the 91-year-old founder of the Eagle Forum joined Trump on the stage on the same day that Ben Carson (another strong Christian with a large following) endorsed Trump—a man many self-righteously call a ‘sinner.’

Since when are we electing a ‘pastor-in-chief?’  That is what I want to know!


In January Schlafly took on the snobs (Conservatism, Inc) at National Review. See here:

I only met Mrs. Schlafly once, just over a year ago, and found her unbelievably mentally sharp for a woman in her 9th decade.  And, of course was immediately drawn to her because her greatest concern for America is mine as well, and that is a deep foreboding about what mass migration and uncontrolled Muslim immigration to America would do to the fabric of our Christian nation.

She obviously decided that Donald Trump was the only candidate who is willing and able to take on a massive, and what will be a dirty fight, to save our Judeo-Christian heritage and frankly Western civilization!

Call me senile, but that is all that matters this year.

Here is the Washington Post on the endorsement (emphasis is mine). The article begins with a discussion about Cruz courting the Schlafly endorsement:

But in the last few months, it became clear that Cruz might lose Schlafly’s support to a member of her hated “eastern elites.” After the first primary debate, Schlafly credited Trump with steering the Republican Party’s discussion of immigration away from amnesty and toward deportation. When Trump called for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States, Schlafly told readers of her syndicated column that his idea was constitutionally sound. In a December interview with WorldNetDaily, Schlafly wondered whether it was time for the grass roots to back Trump.

“He does look like he’s the last hope,” Schlafly said. “We don’t hear anybody saying what he’s saying. In fact, most of the people who ought to be lining up with him are attacking him.”

The next month, in an interview with Breitbart News, Schlafly said that Trump seemed to be best positioned to defeat the “kingmakers” of the Republican establishment, but that Cruz should be his first Supreme Court nominee.

“That’s the place I think Cruz should go,” Schlafly explained. “He’s eminently qualified for that. And that would be a perfect solution for him … his qualifications are enormous.”

The news of Schlafly’s endorsement, broken by the conservative St. Louis blogger Jim Hoft, inspired quick criticism from the more mainstream right.

Watch for it, as Schlafly, who is very familiar with vicious attacks, will now come under withering fire—from Republican Party elites among others.

Know the enemy: Is Stuart Stevens a saboteur of Republican campaigns?

Last night I happened to be watching Greta when the news broke that hundreds (thousands?) of anti-Trump (anti-free speech) protesters had gathered outside a Univ. of Chicago venue where a Trump rally was scheduled.

‘Strategist’ Stuart Stevens with Romney. Is Stevens one of the main reasons Romney lost in 2012? Is Stevens trying to make sure Rs lose in 2016?

In only a few minutes viewers learned that, concerned for safety of everyone involved, the Trump campaign had cancelled the rally.

However, Greta stuck with reports on the live footage which pretty quickly looked like a joke or an elaborate spoof.  As we watched police physically struggling with protesters, Fox’s man on the ground kept reporting everything was peaceful, it was all just Democracy in action (with Greta piping in that it sure didn’t look too non-violent to her).

I couldn’t take it anymore and switched to CNN. (BTW, you may learn a lot more by watching CNN rather than Fox News!).

At CNN viewers were treated to a barrage of criticism of Trump by “Republican strategist” Stuart Stevens who blamed the whole mess last night on Trump.

Meanwhile former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino calmly blasted Stevens for not placing the blame squarely on protesters whose primary goal was to silence Trump.  An arrogant Stevens could not give even a nod to Bongino (who said he is not a Trump supporter, but is a Cruz supporter) on the point and simply said, ‘I’m right and he (Bongino) is wrong.’

I had heard rumors (off and on for years) that Stevens had messed up campaigns where the Republican should have won.

I don’t have the energy to write a massive tome on Stevens (someone should write a single-topic blog on Stevens!). Google search him and you will see why!  Suffice it to say, he is a loser. Maybe more than that, maybe he is a dirty trickster who helps lose races for certain Republicans going back many years.  You only have to go back four years to where many credit him with being a chief strategist for Romney’s 2012 loss.

Why does CNN even use this guy, watch him here last fall say that Trump wouldn’t get past Iowa!  Is Stevens one of the reasons that the Republican establishment got caught flat-footed about Trump?

Catch me if you can!

What if he doesn’t have the best interests of the Republican Party at heart?  What if he is one of those psychopaths in suits?  You know the type—they want to manipulate and control people, but have no real moral core.  They just get joy out of screwing things up and not getting caught! That last bit, about not getting caught, while throwing out little hints all along, is a big part of the psychological high they enjoy.

I searched ‘Stuart Stevens and mole’ and sure enough he was involved in a situation involving a mole in the 2000 George W. Bush campaign.  See it here. I assume the real mole was never found.

Sundance writing at The Conservative Tree House has more on Stevens here.

I’ll say it again, thank goodness Donald Trump came on the scene this year!  His presence alone has brought (mad-with-rage) ‘Conservatism Inc’ out of the shadows.

Come on! You can do it! “Single-topic” websites needed!

This is a subject I’ve been yammering about for years at Refugee Resettlement Watch (a single-topic blog).

There are hardly any real investigative reporters left in the mainstream media, so it’s up to you to become one!

I know there are probably thousands of you out there reading this who are retired, or otherwise have some time on your hands, and I can’t impress upon you enough how easy it is to focus on some issue that needs magnifying; dig in, and then educate your fellow citizens about what you have learned.

Greene-Famly-Camp (1)
An example of why someone should devote a blog specifically to the issue of Unaccompanied Alien Children (thousands are streaming across the border as we speak). This is an article from a reader alerting us to the fact that 600 were being housed here (in someone’s back yard) at this Texas camp. Find out and publish where else they are going!

I’m here to tell you too, that if your political activism jumps around from day to day over the myriad critical issues facing this country, you will burn-out and accomplish little!  Please, please focus!

Yesterday, I told you about a new “single-topic” website the Left is launching on refugees. They get it! See it here.  And it reminded me to nag you all again.

LOL! The Left always finds money for their projects, but you don’t need much money to start a blog—a starter blog can be free. The techy part is not that complicated—find a young person in the family to help you get started!

For years, I’ve said we need a website/blog devoted to immigrant welfare fraud, specifically food stamp trafficking (no one ever started one that I know of).  In addition, we need one specifically on the Unaccompanied Alien Minors once again streaming across our borders, and one on that d*** Diversity Visa Lottery (just to name a few).

You can do it! Make the most of our free speech while we have it! They will have a hard time shutting down thousands of us!

Is yours an open or closed primary? Find out!

I’m thinking there are going to be some disappointed people on primary day in some states—states with closed primaries!

ready to vote

Closed primaries means that you must be a registered voter in the party holding the primary.  I know so many of you have become ‘independents’ because you are sick of both parties, but in many states going forward you will be excluded from participating in perhaps the most important election of your lifetimes.

November will be important of course, but the primaries are where the action is!

Go here and see if your upcoming primary is open or closed.

There is nothing shameful about being strategic and changing your voter registration to the party for which you have the most interest in supporting this election cycle.  And, of course, in November your registration doesn’t matter.

You can always re-think your registration after the 2016 election cycle.

Call your local Board of Elections and find out what the rules are and ask about the deadline for changing your party affiliation!

Make sure your friends and family are informed!

Update! Register to vote!  Hispanics are rushing to get citizenship (those unwilling to vote illegally) so they can vote against Trump.  See here.

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