About, rules, and other things you need to know!

One year!

This is it, either we halt mass migration to America via a pause or a moratorium (whatever you want to call it), and seriously restrict who gets in here through every illegal and LEGAL means, we are done.

marching men
Our logo depicts the invasion of America.

Who we select as President of the United States is more critical than at any time since our founding. And, it is time to work like you’ve never worked before to get rid of the traitors—the RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) in the House and Senate.

And, I don’t know about you, but if Speaker Ryan, Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell, George Will, and Charles Krauthammer are “conservatives,” I’m not!  And, I’m not wasting one minute in a semantic battle over it. Maybe it’s time to ditch the word!

So, the message of this website is twofold: know the enemy and get to work to change our elected leaders who have betrayed us again and again.  We have one year ( really ten months!) to begin to turn this ship!

Pronouncing Hijra or Hijrah?  Go here.

Where did ‘Resistance’ in the title come from?

In June of 2013, I attended a gathering, a planning meeting in Lancaster, PA, organized by the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement and the resettlement contractors working in Pennsylvania.   The Office of Refugee Resettlement’s Director of Placement, Mitiku Ashebir told the audience that “pockets of resistance” to resettlement had developed, and described those as places I knew where taxpaying citizens had questions about how the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program operates (which is mostly in secrecy).

Federal bureaucrats said “pockets of resistance” were developing in some states.

seedling in soil
In Lancaster in June 2013, Welcoming America (a federal contractor) put this slide on the screen and said they were seeding (planting) immigrants in towns across America.

I was stunned!  Imagine an employee of the US taxpayer referring to those groups of taxpaying citizens as “pockets of resistance.”

‘The resistance,’ in military terminology, refers to an organized opposition to a force of superior power, and I think that is what we are.  Those of us who want to save Western Civilization are the new guerrilla warriors as Daniel Greenfield described here in June of 2015, and we must wage war against the Ruling class, both the Marxist/Socialist Left and the corporate/donor class Right which has expropriated the word ‘conservative’ (a word which I no longer plan to use to describe myself).

I want to be referred to as ‘The Resistance!’ How about you?

Or, better still, call ourselves ‘America First Conservatives.’

What is a blog?

Sometimes we take it for granted that everyone knows what a blog is and how it works.  I don’t want to do that because I know what it is to be tech-impaired and feel dumb!

For new readers, bloggers are parasites!  Yes, we pretty much find published news and run our mouths about it.  If you are familiar with talk radio, it’s sort of like that.  The host finds juicy bits of news from the last day or so and then pontificates on that news.  Bloggers do that in written format.

However, at Refugee Resettlement Watch we also did some original investigative work and we hope to do that here too.

I’ll be cross-posting to (and from) RRW as well as a blog I also write called Potomac Tea Party Report which is geared for the resistance in MD, VA, WV, and DC (with a little PA thrown in). PTPR is 6 years old, but with all the interest in refugees it has not been active for awhile.

And, you should know that no one (no media corporation!) owns my blogs. Unfortunately, so much of the supposed “conservative” on-line media has been bought by big-wigs who want to control what conservatives see and read especially in this live-or-die 2016 election year.

Some days I might write many (hopefully short!) blog posts and at other times there might only be one or two depending on the news and what else might crowd out writing time each day.

The most important thing you need to know about reading a blog is that whatever post is on top on the front page is the one most recently written. You can scroll down and the blog takes you back in chronological order through previous days and weeks.

The best way to find something is by using the search window with some key words.  Or, you can use the tags as well (we will develop those as we write). Click on a tag associated with each post for previous posts on that same topic.


As I said, I am not a techy and did set this blog up by myself.  So, patience please if you find glitches! I’m especially concerned that the e-mail subscription function might not work well. It is done by wordpress and not me. If you don’t want e-mails all day as I post, then don’t subscribe and just visit every day and scroll through recent headlines to find posts that interest you.

Contact information

My google e-mail address remains the same.  However, I urge you to please use good judgement and don’t overload my inbox.  I’ve found that if you send me e-mails all day long, I miss really important messages I need to follow up on.

I’m sorry to sound so mean, but honestly, it is just me here. This is my charitable work! No secretary! No intern! I will be notifying you if you’ve put me on some e-mail distribution list for every topic under the sun!

This is my e-mail address:  Refugeewatcher@gmail.com

If you have a ‘media request,’ please put that clearly in the subject line. Likewise, if you have a story idea, please put ‘news tip’ in the subject line. But, I cannot use all of your tips and some, which I don’t have time to write about, will go to my twitter feed.

Let me know if you have any problem signing up to comment.

When you do comment, I don’t at all mind if you disagree with my point of view, but I’ll be really strict about three things:  no threats of violence will be posted, no personal (ad hominem) attacks on other commenters, and no foul language.

And, sometimes I’m away for a few hours and you won’t see your comment posted until I find time to screen it first.

Twitter is fun!

When I find too many things to post in any given day, I’ll tweet the excess (in addition to tweeting every post).  I’m @RefugeeWatcher at twitter and you can see recent tweets in the right hand sidebar. Even if you aren’t on twitter you can click on those links and see the news.

Refugee Info Resource is still the facebook page I post on from time to time with the help of Kelly Monroe Kullberg.

Thank you for following me.  God bless and God bless America!