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There is a blogger named Sundance who is being vilified these days by the likes of radio host Mark Levin. I want you to see his latest on Ted Cruz who IS GETTING MONEY FROM THE WASHINGTON CARTEL.

Rush limbaugh show
Rush! Say it isn’t so! Tell us money does not talk!

But that is not what I want you to get from this post.  I want each of you to aspire to be Sundance.

I don’t know who he is.  Recently Levin (whoa in a big reveal—not!) said he was a former grocery store manager which I thought was rather snotty and elitist of Levin to say because former grocery store managers and housewives (like me) have a right to investigate and report what we learn via alternative media.

You can do it too.  I can’t tell you how frustrating I find it sometimes to meet new people, grassroots folks, who know so much and have been doing their own investigations and never try to get what they learn out in a broader way.  For goodness sake, if tech-impaired-me can figure out how to blog, so can you!

Please, please, everyone of you who are frustrated and want to do something to save our country, become an amateur investigative reporter.

Like Sundance who is digging into public records, you can too!  Then figure out the best way to get what you learn out beyond your own circle of friends.  Free speech is our last best hope, please use it!

Now, back to that Sundance story on Ted Cruz… I was driving yesterday and had an opportunity to listen to Rush Limbaugh (I’ve listened on and off ever since he appeared on the scene over two decades ago), but something was very different yesterday.  I even called a friend to ask if he was listening because I was so shocked at Limbaugh’s comments.

He basically said Marco Rubio was a true conservative and not an establishment darling.  Sorry I will never get past Rubio’s betrayal in choosing to become one of the Gang of Eight that, had their bill become law, would not only have ultimately legalized millions of illegal aliens, but would have also directed gobs more taxpayer dollars at federal refugee resettlement contractors (who lobbied for the bill).

What on earth had changed Limbaugh’s here-to-fore skepticism and even-handedness?

Here is how Sundance wrapped up his piece (is this the answer?):

*NOTE* For those following the Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin advocacy, Stand For Truth has spent $2,301,250 on “Pro-Cruz radio advertising” exclusively.  –SEE HERE

How much of that $2.3 million do you think is going to Limbaugh and Levin?

I want to thank Donald Trump because if he weren’t on the scene this year we would never know the truth about so many things…..

Breitbart story: Trump’s daring gamble helps expose Fox News’ Open Borders leanings

Julia Hahn writing at Breitbart tells us why we should be suspicious of Fox News.  Fox News chairman, Rupert Murdoch, is co-chairman of the Partnership for a New American Economy.

Fox News chairman Rupert Murdoch at Davos. Another one of the globalists who are pushing for the flow of cheap immigrant labor across their dreamed-for borderless globe.

Please go here right now and look at the co-chairmen—very very revealing!  A picture (or 8 little pictures) is worth a thousand words.

Now here is what Hahn is reporting:

The announcement from Donald Trump’s campaign that the Republican frontrunner will “definitely not” partake in Thursday night’s Fox News debate has sent shock waves throughout the nation’s political scene.

At a press event Tuesday evening, Trump seemed to cite disparate treatment from the network as his reasoning for not participating. “What’s wrong over there, something’s wrong,” Trump said of the “games” Roger Ailes and the network are “playing.”

In asking the question of “what’s wrong over there?” Trump has shined a spotlight on one of Washington’s best kept secrets: namely, Fox’s role via its founder Rupert Murdoch in pushing an open borders agenda. The Trump campaign is a direct threat to Murdoch’s efforts to open America’s borders. Well-concealed from virtually all reporting on Fox’s treatment of Trump is the fact that Murdoch is the co-chair of what is arguably one of the most powerful immigration lobbying firms in country, the Partnership for a New American Economy (PNAE).

In addition to blanketing the country, media, and politicians with literature, advertisements, and a barrage of lobbyists pushing for open border immigration policies, the Partnership for A New American Economy (PNAE) was a prime lobbyist for one of the biggest open borders pushes in American history: Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)’s 2013 Gang of Eight immigration bill.

Read it all!

Trump’s pronouncement that he would build a wall and protect American sovereignty is the last thing Murdoch and his pals want.

I’m one of those who thought Trump was crazy to withdraw from the debate, but am beginning to rethink my original assessment, crazy like a fox maybe.

***Update*** Be sure to see Trump hires key aide to Senator Jeff Sessions, here.

Milwaukee terror bust story: why is media silent on immigration status?

The story making the news this morning about a Muslim busted in Milwaukee for planning a mass murder event at a Masonic Lodge reminds me of something every one of us should be pushing with our legislators.

There should be a law that the immigration status and the nationality of anyone busted for a major crime be published, by any news outlet publishing the story.  The public has a right to know.

Adios America
Ann Coulter makes this point (in her usual humorous way) throughout ‘Adios America.’ The media is loathe to report on a criminal’s immigration status.

Over the years I’ve posted hundreds of crime stories at Refugee Resettlement Watch (1,916 immigrant crime postswhere I had to dig and dig, and sometimes speculate about how the perp got into the US.   Ann Coulter in her best seller,‘Adios America’, makes this point repeatedly.

LOL! Just as she says, the Fox headline says, “Milwaukee man,” as if that gives us any information.

Legal or illegal? It is the first thing I want to know, how about you?

However, the public is rarely told whether the person arrested is here legally or illegally.  If here legally, we would like to know which immigration program he/she used to gain entry.  And, we should be given the nationality of the immigrant criminal.

[Of course we are ultimately given those answers if the person actually succeeds in killing people, e.g. Sacramento, Boston bombers, etc.]

Samy Mohammed Hamzeh: Legal or illegal? Refugee or some other legal immigrant? See if you can find out and let us know!

Here is the story from last night at Fox News.

Brownie points for anyone who finds out if  Samy Mohammed Hamzeh is here legally, and if he is, extra points if you find out which of our numerous legal avenues of entry he used to get here.  And, what nationality is he? (Maybe you will find he is one of many Muslims born in the USA and who has subsequently become more DEVOUT!).

You know it’s a good thing there are so many Islamic terroists with ‘Mohammed’ in their names because then we, at least, do not have to guess their religion.

How about pushing your legislators in Washington for a simple fix—require publication of immigration status of those arrested for major crimes!

Church World Service will take illegal action as part of massive Election 2016 propaganda campaign

I knew it!  And, now we are seeing it in action!

Update January 8th: Ohio ‘peace and justice’ groups getting ready to break the law and hide aliens from Obama illegal alien raids, click here.

The recent Obama Administration order to round up illegal aliens (a tiny number!) and deport them is simply a ploy to fire up the No Borders movement, the Democrat base, in this all important election year.

Church World Service will be hiding illegal aliens!

Here is a story about the hard Left Church World Service, a federal refugee resettlement contractor, which uses $45 million of your dollars every year to change America by changing the people, is setting up hiding places throughout America where illegal aliens can be placed out of the reach of federal ICE agents.

CWS CEO Rev. John L. McCullough arrested at the White House in 2014 while protesting for amnesty for illegal aliens. These are not ‘churches’ but are Leftwing community organizers. McCullough pulls down a handsome six-figure salary partially funded by US taxpayers to do his NO borders political activities. Photo at Sojourners:

There should be a law, if you break federal immigration law, you lose your federal funding (come on wimps in Congress!).

They want to resurrect the glory days (as they saw them) where churches broke the law and helped Central Americans get into America and then hid them until they could be spread out to towns across the US.  It was called The Sanctuary Movement.***

It is so apparent that this deportation order is part of a Democrat strategy, most likely cooked up in the White House, because (have you noticed!) no one blasts Obama personally (as they would if this were George Bush or Donald Trump).

Here is the story (meme faithfully advanced by the Washington Post):

Religious groups and activists vowed Wednesday to offer refuge to illegal immigrants who are the targets of ongoing federal raids meant to combat a new wave of border-crossing from Central America.

The announcement recalled the sanctuary movement of the 1980s that provided safe haven to several thousand people fleeing civil wars in El Salvador and Guatemala, with churches in Los Angeles, Chicago and other cities sometimes filled with people seeking asylum in the United States.


At the start of the year, the Obama administration launched a large-scale effort targeting those who have already been ordered to leave the country. About 120 adults and children have been apprehended in raids in several states.

Central American illegal aliens are NOT refugees.  They do not fit the long-understood definition that a refugee or asylum seeker must prove they would be persecuted if they returned to their home country.

Escaping poverty or run-of-the-mill crime is not persecution, but these NO Borders activists have been for years attempting to blur the definition. And, that is mostly because when someone is defined as a refugee all welfare goodies flow their way and they can then bring in the family they left behind.  (Of course the WaPo isn’t going to explain any of that to its readers!).

The effort, which is expected to include several hundred more apprehensions, has drawn sharp criticism from those who advocate for undocumented immigrants. They argue that Central Americans who are entering the country illegally should be offered the same protections extended to Syrian refugees.

Know the enemy:  Marielena Hincapié!  

(We’ve reported on Ms.Hincapié previously, here and here)


Instead, Central Americans are being processed for deportation rapidly, sometimes without legal representation, said Marielena Hincapié, executive director of the Los Angeles-based National Immigration Law Center.

“There is basically a hemispheric bias in our refu­gee system,” Hincapié said. “These families that are also fleeing violence — the same way as other refugees coming from around the world — are not being welcomed to our country. Instead, we are at risk of deporting them back to their persecutors, deporting them back to their death, deporting them back to rape and sexual assault.”


Noel Andersen, grass-roots coordinator with the Church World Service group for refugees, said his organization has been working to build a network of sanctuaries for the Central Americans being targeted by ICE.

Church World Service (you may know them as the Crop Walk group) is taking the law into its own hands, come on Congress! Cut off their funding!  It is an outrage that you and I, American taxpayers, should be paying their salaries as they break the law!  Let them get their funding from ol’ moneybags George Soros!

This is one more reason why Election 2016 is so important.

***For those who want to dig deeper, we did extensive research on the Sanctuary Movement at Refugee Resettlement Watch (here is just one of many posts).

And, by the way, Maryland’s premiere No Borders agitation group, CASA de Maryland, grew out of that movement when illegal Central Americans (Sandinistas!) were brought to Maryland by the ‘religious Left.’ Be sure to open that link above on CASA and see all the trouble the do-gooders had as the various church groups squabbled with each other and discovered that some of their lovely migrants weren’t so lovely after all.

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