Get the UN out of the business of choosing our refugees! Agitate!

Just this morning I posted at RRW about how the UN High Commissioner for Refugees is choosing ‘New Americans’ destined for your towns.

syrian_refugee_4-1 (1)
The United Nations is picking refugees from their camps for your towns!

You can see that post by clicking here.

The primary focus of American Resistance 2016! is to give grassroots activists ideas on how to fight back as political guerrilla warriors against those who are working to change America by changing the people.

I’m urging all of you to demand of your Members of Congress and your US Senators to uncouple our Refugee Admissions Program from the United Nations.  When Congress passed the original Refugee Act of 1980, it did not give the United Nations carte blanche to choose our refugees.

I can hear you saying now that Congress is useless!  I know. But, you must do what the Left is always so good at—agitation.  You must keep the issue alive and be in-the-face of your elected representatives at all times!  And, in so doing, keep the issue in the media, especially your local media.

Every day more Americans catch on to what the globalists and the one-worlders are doing to us, and they don’t like it.  There is no silver bullet to stop mass migration to America. So, it is your job to create controversy and get mentioned in the media!

Again, politicians hate chaos and controversy!

By the way, if you are in one of those early primary states, try to bring the refugee issue up every time you have an opportunity to meet or hear from one of the 2016 Presidential candidates.

If you live in Montana, you must let your fellow Montanans know that the UN is deciding who will be coming to the state working through the US State Department and the International Rescue Committee.  Local government will have NO SAY!  See refugees coming to Missoula?

Trump cleverly uses “The Snake” to mock the Dems

Yesterday, everyone was abuzz over Donald Trump’s reading of the lyrics to the Al Wilson song “The Snake.”

Here the Conservative Tree House shows a clip of The Donald reading the lyrics.  But for a laugh, and thanks to reader TwoLaine, watch Al Wilson’s rendition here at Youtube.  (Let’s help this go viral!)

A very good theme song for Election 2016 to mock the NO Borders agitators’ goal of flooding America with unvetted third-worlders from the Middle East, Asia and Africa.  Bumper music for Trump!

Laugh people! Laugh!  The Left hates to be mocked!  (Alinsky: humor is the most powerful political weapon!)

Note to subscribers:  A reader tells me that the embedded youtube clips do not appear in the e-mails you receive directly from wordpress. If that happens, please visit us directly by clicking here.

Conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly: Trump is the only one who can save America

Phyllis Schafley
Phyllis Schlafly, founder of the Eagle Forum

Breitbart reporter Julia Hahn sat down with the undisputed conservative conscience of the Republican Party (more accurately, the conscience of the average American Republican voter) Phyllis Schlafly; and the 91-year-young Schlafly said this about Donald Trump’s candidacy: he is the only one who can save America because he understands the existential threat mass migration is for our beloved country.

Here is Hahn at Breitbart:

In an exclusive hour-long sit down interview with Breitbart News, 91-year-old conservative icon and living legend Phyllis Schlafly declared that Donald Trump “is the only hope to defeat the Kingmakers,” and detailed why she believes Trump alone will return the government to the people. She warned that if immigration is not stopped: “we’re not going to be America anymore.”In an exclusive hour-long sit down interview with Breitbart News, 91-year-old conservative icon and living legend Phyllis Schlafly declared that Donald Trump “is the only hope to defeat the Kingmakers,” and detailed why she believes Trump alone will return the government to the people. She warned that if immigration is not stopped: “we’re not going to be America anymore.”

Kingmakers (and losers!) be damned, I’m for “America First” says Schlafly:

“Trump is the only hope to defeat the Kingmakers,” Schlafly told Breitbart resolutely. “Because everybody else will fall in line. The Kingmakers have so much money behind them.”

More than fifty years ago, Schlafly coined the term Kingmakers—or what Schlafly says is now “generally called the Establishment,” or donor class—to describe a select group of cosmopolitan elites who control the Republican Party and have historically determined the Party’s presidential nominee. Aspects of Schlafly’s Kingmaker theory have been articulated in, what is today known as, the “invisible primary” or “The Party Decides” theory.

As Schlafly wrote in 1964, these “few secret kingmakers… successfully forced their choice on a free country where there are more than 34 million Republican voters… They dictated the choice of the Republican presidential nominee just as completely as the Paris dressmakers control the length of women’s skirts.”

“The Kingmakers,” Schlafly told Breitbart, “have picked our last bunch of losers. And there’s one loser after another because they were more interested in maintaining their flow of money from the big donors and their cooperation with the Democrats—their bipartisanship—and that’s not my goal. I’m for America [Schlafly slams hand on table] and America first [slams hand on table again].”

For Cruz supporters, she goes on to say that he would be an excellent choice for the Supreme Court when Trump is President.

Read it all, it is a long, but very interesting read.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Schlafly about this time last year and we should all hope to be as sharp and active when we hit that 9th decade as she is now!

Update!  Read this to see how panicked the elite (Kingmakers) are.

Keep Benghazi alive!

kris_paronto_side_by_side_500 (1)Over the weekend I had the opportunity to hear Kris Paronto speak about what happened at Benghazi in a  minute by minute recounting of what happened on that fateful evening.  I came away more ashamed than ever that the Obama Administration (including Hillary) acted so shamefully.

This week the movie about that night will be released in a theater near you, show you care by seeing it.

Here is a short trailer:

And, as this Election 2016 progresses remember Hillary’s role in turning Libya into the Islamic hell hole it is now.  See our many posts on how Hillary and her ‘girls’ persuaded Obama to bring down Gadaffi and ultimately created the pathway for a European migrant invasion.

We reported (beginning in 2011) what Hillary, Susan Rice and Samantha Power were up to as the Libyan debacle unfolded. Here is one recent post, follow links to others (from earlier years).

Libya is Hillary’s legacy!

Church World Service will take illegal action as part of massive Election 2016 propaganda campaign

I knew it!  And, now we are seeing it in action!

Update January 8th: Ohio ‘peace and justice’ groups getting ready to break the law and hide aliens from Obama illegal alien raids, click here.

The recent Obama Administration order to round up illegal aliens (a tiny number!) and deport them is simply a ploy to fire up the No Borders movement, the Democrat base, in this all important election year.

Church World Service will be hiding illegal aliens!

Here is a story about the hard Left Church World Service, a federal refugee resettlement contractor, which uses $45 million of your dollars every year to change America by changing the people, is setting up hiding places throughout America where illegal aliens can be placed out of the reach of federal ICE agents.

CWS CEO Rev. John L. McCullough arrested at the White House in 2014 while protesting for amnesty for illegal aliens. These are not ‘churches’ but are Leftwing community organizers. McCullough pulls down a handsome six-figure salary partially funded by US taxpayers to do his NO borders political activities. Photo at Sojourners:

There should be a law, if you break federal immigration law, you lose your federal funding (come on wimps in Congress!).

They want to resurrect the glory days (as they saw them) where churches broke the law and helped Central Americans get into America and then hid them until they could be spread out to towns across the US.  It was called The Sanctuary Movement.***

It is so apparent that this deportation order is part of a Democrat strategy, most likely cooked up in the White House, because (have you noticed!) no one blasts Obama personally (as they would if this were George Bush or Donald Trump).

Here is the story (meme faithfully advanced by the Washington Post):

Religious groups and activists vowed Wednesday to offer refuge to illegal immigrants who are the targets of ongoing federal raids meant to combat a new wave of border-crossing from Central America.

The announcement recalled the sanctuary movement of the 1980s that provided safe haven to several thousand people fleeing civil wars in El Salvador and Guatemala, with churches in Los Angeles, Chicago and other cities sometimes filled with people seeking asylum in the United States.


At the start of the year, the Obama administration launched a large-scale effort targeting those who have already been ordered to leave the country. About 120 adults and children have been apprehended in raids in several states.

Central American illegal aliens are NOT refugees.  They do not fit the long-understood definition that a refugee or asylum seeker must prove they would be persecuted if they returned to their home country.

Escaping poverty or run-of-the-mill crime is not persecution, but these NO Borders activists have been for years attempting to blur the definition. And, that is mostly because when someone is defined as a refugee all welfare goodies flow their way and they can then bring in the family they left behind.  (Of course the WaPo isn’t going to explain any of that to its readers!).

The effort, which is expected to include several hundred more apprehensions, has drawn sharp criticism from those who advocate for undocumented immigrants. They argue that Central Americans who are entering the country illegally should be offered the same protections extended to Syrian refugees.

Know the enemy:  Marielena Hincapié!  

(We’ve reported on Ms.Hincapié previously, here and here)


Instead, Central Americans are being processed for deportation rapidly, sometimes without legal representation, said Marielena Hincapié, executive director of the Los Angeles-based National Immigration Law Center.

“There is basically a hemispheric bias in our refu­gee system,” Hincapié said. “These families that are also fleeing violence — the same way as other refugees coming from around the world — are not being welcomed to our country. Instead, we are at risk of deporting them back to their persecutors, deporting them back to their death, deporting them back to rape and sexual assault.”


Noel Andersen, grass-roots coordinator with the Church World Service group for refugees, said his organization has been working to build a network of sanctuaries for the Central Americans being targeted by ICE.

Church World Service (you may know them as the Crop Walk group) is taking the law into its own hands, come on Congress! Cut off their funding!  It is an outrage that you and I, American taxpayers, should be paying their salaries as they break the law!  Let them get their funding from ol’ moneybags George Soros!

This is one more reason why Election 2016 is so important.

***For those who want to dig deeper, we did extensive research on the Sanctuary Movement at Refugee Resettlement Watch (here is just one of many posts).

And, by the way, Maryland’s premiere No Borders agitation group, CASA de Maryland, grew out of that movement when illegal Central Americans (Sandinistas!) were brought to Maryland by the ‘religious Left.’ Be sure to open that link above on CASA and see all the trouble the do-gooders had as the various church groups squabbled with each other and discovered that some of their lovely migrants weren’t so lovely after all.

American Muslims plan massive voter drive to make sure “bigots” like Trump are not elected

(Not just Trump, they denounce Ben Carson as well.)

Carson and Trump
Muslim Brotherhood political activists do not like Carson and Trump!

This morning when I wrote about how important it is to get voters registered for the Republican primary election, I was reminded of an article at the Daily Caller by reporter Chuck Ross that I had set aside just days before Christmas.

A cabal of Muslim organizations met at the National Press Club, not to voice their sorrow over San Bernardino, but to announce they will change America at the ballot box and have launched a massive voter registration drive “to use the ballot to fight bigotry.”

Here is a small portion of the Daily Caller story:

Nat. Press Club
Watch Muslim Brotherhood-dominated press conference by clicking here at C-span:

A coalition of U.S.-based Muslim groups claiming that anti-Muslim backlash is on the rise in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino hopes to register one million people to vote before the 2016 election as part of a “civic empowerment initiative.”

Oussama Jammal, the secretary general of the U.S. Council on Muslim Organizations, also announced in a press conference held Monday at the National Press Club that the group will “seek to increase emergency preparedness for Islamic institutions and individuals to address the rising number of incidents of hate crimes that are unfortunately happening nationwide.”

While the press conference participants — who hailed from such groups as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), and the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) — focused little attention on the recent terrorist attacks, they focused on some of the political rhetoric that has followed.

To address what they perceive as public and political backlash, the groups plan the massive Muslim voter outreach as well as a “major educational outreach” which will include a “One America” program aimed at helping non-Muslims understand Islam.


Responding to a reporter’s question on the matter, Jammal said that the coalition will mobilize the Muslim community through early voting efforts and by busing and shuttling voters to polling stations.

More here….

Now go back to my post earlier this morning and do it!  And, then make sure everyone you know is registered.  Better still, find a voter registration drive near you and go to work!

Waking thought! Get voter registration information

Related update:  Muslim Brotherhood-dominated groups launch massive US Muslim voter drive, here.

In your travels you are probably meeting people who say, “I’m voting for Trump (Cruz, Carson, or Paul)” and they haven’t voted in recent elections or have never voted in a primary.

Election 2016 2

Remember we learned in 2012 that if all of the middle class Republicans had bothered to vote, Romney could have won, but discouraged, they stayed home.

Unless you’re deeply involved already and know the rules, everyone reading this should call your county or state board of elections office today and find out what the rules are for your state about voting in the primary.

Some states require registration in a given party (not a registration as an Independent) to allow you to vote in say the Republican primary.  It is vital that you be able to help select the Republican nominee if you want a Washington ‘outsider’as the next President.

If you are in a such a state (that doesn’t allow Independents to vote in the primary), even if you are angry at the GOP, there is nothing shameful about registering as a Republican for the primary and then returning to your Independent registration after the 2016 election.  Make sure they know that party registration doesn’t matter in the general election in November.

In our right hand side bar we provide a link for primary dates in all 50 states, click here to see those dates.

While you are on the phone with your election board, ask what the deadline is for running against an incumbent and what is required to get on the ballot.  No sense yakking about ‘primarying’ someone if the deadline has come and gone.

Also, remember it will take a lot of resources (or a huge volunteer force with time) to unseat someone like Paul Ryan who will have national resources coming to his rescue.  So, also consider an independent run for the seat and make him work.

So to wrap-up, when your plumber, your grocery clerk, or your hairdresser tell you they “love Trump” (Carson, Cruz, Paul) and are voting for him, ask them if they are registered to vote in the primary and tell them the dates in your state that they must be registered by in order to do that.

If they say they “love Bush or Rubio,” mislead them!  LOL! Just kidding!

Update January 6th:  Maryland Cathy sent this excellent comment to Potomac Tea Party Report:

You can carry voter registration forms around with you so that you can get people to fill them out to either register for the first time or to change their party affiliation. They can turn the form in themselves, mail it, or you can turn them in to the election office.
You should tell people that if they don’t hear back from the election office in a reasonable amount of time, that they should call to be sure that the form made it and is being processed.
Sometimes if people sign up at voter registration drives, their forms get lost if they are for the “wrong” party.
I have signed up my chimney sweep, pesticide guy, etc. by having the forms available.



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