Will surge of refugees to Michigan in coming months help Donald Trump win that all-important state?

Reports are coming out of Michigan that suggest the state, already a leading state attracting Muslim migrants, will be getting a surge of Syrians as the end of fiscal year 2016 approaches (that would be September 30th).

Refugee numbers always surge in the late summer and up until the 30th because the feds and their contractors are desperate to get their numbers up to the magic number, this year it is 85,000, that the President asked for last fall.  (Congress just winked at that number. What will they do when Obama comes in with a ‘determination’ of 100,000 for FY 2017?).

We also know that Michigan, a leading state for Syrian Muslim refugee resettlement, is a state that Donald Trump has on his target list to win.

Both Hillary or Bernie would put refugee resettlement to America on steroids if elected in November. Michigan will be on its way to becoming the first Muslim state in America. As Michigan goes, so goes the nation.

There are 4 or so states that have gone to the Democrats in recent Presidential contests (Wisconsin and Michigan of course have gone for the D for decades), but are now considered to be ‘in play’ for The Donald.

Interestingly, three of the four are top refugee resettlement states (in the top ten!)—Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania (Wisconsin is no slouch either).  I suspect that is no coincidence since the Dems have made it clear they are turning red states blue by changing the people!

So, here is a story at the Detroit Free Press that says a SURGE of Syrians (99% of Syrians entering the US as refugees are Muslims) is expected to arrive in the state in the next few months.

Could anger against Obama and the Democrats over burdening the state with low-skilled immigrants who will be drains on the welfare system, AND pose a security risk to their neighbors, be parlayed into enough votes for Donald Trump?

Frankly folks, the hard reality is that the flow of migrants in to America from all corners of the world will definitely be increased in a Hillary (or Bernie) administration because they will see a repudiation of Trump as an indicator that you don’t care about immigration.

Welfare forms in Michigan written in Arabic. http://dailycaller.com/2015/11/24/michigans-welfare-program-helpfully-offers-phone-assistance-all-forms-in-arabic/

Here is the Detroit Free Press yesterday:

WASHINGTON — With less than five months to go, the Obama administration remains far behind its target of resettling 10,000 Syrian refugees by Sept. 30, but officials are expecting to draw closer to that goal in the coming months with a spike in resettlements in Michigan and across the U.S.


If a surge is coming, Michigan is likely to be involved: Since the fiscal year began last October, 211 Syrians have been resettled in the state, more than anywhere else in the country — for a total of 386 resettlements between Jan. 1, 2015, and April 30 of this year. And that’s no surprise, considering southeastern Michigan has the largest Arab-American community in the U.S. with cultural and societal ties to the Middle East and deep experience with refugee resettlements.

But the numbers of those coming could dwarf what has been seen to date. According to the State Department, a total of 1,736 Syrians have been resettled in the U.S. since October, meaning it would take on average more than 1,650 resettlements a month through Sept. 30 to hit the 10,000 mark.

If Michigan — which has resettled about 12% of the Syrians accepted into the U.S. since the refugee crisis began last year — continues its trend, the state could welcome hundreds more in the near future, even as questions about immigration lurk as part of a fractious general election debate.

So again, I think that Michigan is pivotal in Election 2016.  

Can a resettlement surge of mostly Muslim refugees to the state concern enough voters to reject a Democrat in the 2016 Presidential election?

On the campaign trail, folks in Michigan should ‘dog’ all candidates with questions about the future of Michigan.  Will it be a state to be further colonized by Middle Easterners, or not?

Visit RRW for a lengthy archive on the state by clicking here.  Believe it or not, a few years ago the US State Department tried to curtail resettlement to Michigan because the refugees would have few employment opportunities.  I don’t know why they then subsequently opened the spigot!

Who is Refaai Hamo? White House poster boy for Syrian refugees in America

Tonight, if you watch Obama’s last State of the Union address, you will see Refaai Hamo sitting with First Lady Michelle Obama.  Hamo is the personification of all Syrians coming to America according to the White House propaganda machine.

Refaai Hamo and Mohammad
A PR firm working for Lutheran Social Services of MI arranged a press conference for Hamo and his son Mohammad when they arrived in the US in December. http://www.lynnegolodner.com/the-world-around-me/why-did-the-syrian-scientists-story-go-viral/

If you have never heard the name, Refaai Hamo, just google it (there are pages of stories about him).  The gist of his story (the Left loves stories!) is that “The Scientist” had his sumptuous home blasted by a missile in Syria several years ago (stories vary on what year), and has been living in Turkey with some of his children.

In his story now made famous by several Leftwing sites (and a resettlement contractor’s PR firm!), what kind of a ‘scientist’ he is, is never mentioned. There is one mention that he was a civil engineer working as a “consultant” of some sort.  Are civil engineers considered scientists?

Stories like Hamo’s don’t just spread like wildfire. Lynne Golodner who runs a PR firm called Your People LLC was hired by LSS of MI to head their campaign on behalf of Hamo (The Scientist). I sure hope your tax dollars didn’t pay her contract. http://www.lynnegolodner.com/biography/

The missile attack supposedly killed his wife and one daughter, but in one account I read his then 14-year-old son was the victim.

According to this story, son Mohammed (now 18) is alive and well.  They reportedly were in Turkey for the last two years, so where were they for two years after that attack.  The timeline is fuzzy.

And, to add to his tale of woe, he now has stomach cancer and said that he could not get treatment in Turkey.  (But he heard about Obamacare and here he is!)

***Update*** You can’t make this up! Oopsy! No cancer! Brandon Stanton of ‘Humans of New York’ tweeted:

Dr. Hamo recently underwent surgery to have a large tumor removed from his stomach. It was benign.

Since mid-December he has been living in the Troy, Michigan area in a wealthy neighborhood.  So he didn’t have any money to pay for treatment in Turkey?  The whole story sounds fishy to me.

***Update*** If you find more on Hamo’s ‘story’ please send us links!

He has money now! Some big shot actor and filmmaker took up his story and set up a go-fund me page and has raised nearly a half million dollars for him.  My first thought was, oh good, his cancer treatment costs will not come out of the wallets of American taxpayers.  But hold on….

His federal refugee resettlement contractor (Lutheran Social Services of Michigan) will be ‘managing’ his money for him.  LOL! I bet that arrangement doesn’t last too long!

To make a long story short, the White House and the No Borders activists will use Hamo tonight as part of a massive PR campaign they are waging on America to get your minds right on the Obama Syrian influx just now getting underway.

I don’t have time to write about it, but see “Welcoming Michigan” here and its campaign with the Catholic Church in that state to tamp down any pockets of resistance to changing Michigan by changing the people.

Lutheran Social Services of Michigan—doing well by doing good!

mark Stutrud
Mark Stutrud, former CEO at LSS Michigan (and now at LSS Illinois) pulled down a compensation package valued at over $450,000 reported in 2013 Form 990.

Just as I said the other day about Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota, concerned citizens in Michigan must begin to investigate the federal resettlement contractors working in the state.

Start here with the most recent Form 990 for LSS Michigan, a $93 million a year quasi-government agency.

We thought Jodi Harpstead’s salary in Minnesota was huge, but check out the salary, benefits and related income Mark Stutrud pulled down in this 2013 Form 990. (Stutrud has since moved on to head up Lutheran Social Services of Illinois.  We can assume the CEO now in charge in Michigan is getting a similar fantastic package.)

For young up-and-comers, forget Wall Street, it’s the ‘Christian charity’ world that you should be shooting for if you want to live well while wearing the do-gooder white hat!

Good Lutherans should begin to demand answers about what is being done in the name of your faith and why LSS is in the forefront of resettling Muslims to American towns.

One last thing… Jodi Harpstead’s MALE predecessor at LSS Minnesota made much more than she did and so does Stutrud (a little income inequality in the Christian charity world?).

One more one last thing…. there is more to Hamo’s story than we are being told.  I sure hope some real investigators dig in further.