Leftists and assorted Commies plan to protest opening of Trump hotel in Washington, DC

When I attended that Rally4Refugees that fizzled and flopped near the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC last Sunday, I was handed a flyer (below) by one of many hard Lefties in attendance.

trump hotel
Trump International Hotel at 1100 Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington is scheduled to open on September 12th.

You may remember the Answer Coalition (a pro-Palestinian organization among other things) from during the Bush Administration when they organized anti-war rallies.  I went to some of those to counter protest and got a good laugh at the assorted misfits and old hippies (thousands of them!) costumed, marching, chanting and beating on five gallon plastic buckets.

Well, you can expect that they will be back now as their dear leader Barack Hussein Obama (the President who brought peace to the Middle East, LOL!) is headed out the door and there is a good chance Donald Trump will be moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Their opening salvo against Trump will be in DC on September 12th when they plan to protest the Trump International Hotel grand opening.

Here is the flyer that was being handed out at the Rally4Refugees last weekend:

Trump hotel flyer


I’ll have more on this soon. It might be a great opportunity to show support for The Donald.

Go here for updates (great pics) on Trump International Hotel news.

Don’t miss ‘Clinton Cash’ the documentary tonight!

I just finished watching the 1 hour and 4 minute disturbing documentary based on Peter Schweizer’s book ‘Clinton Cash.’

Clinton Cash
Find it at Amazon.

Apparently you can only get it tonight (or so I am told!).

The thing I found most informative was further confirmation that using a ‘humanitarian’ cover (as with the refugee program) is a sure fire way to avoid suspicion while raking in big bucks.

Another thing I found interesting is that from many of the places where Bill Clinton had his hand out for the Clinton Foundation, refugees were (and are) flowing to the US.  The film mentions Bill and Hillary’s connections in South Sudan, the DR Congo, Columbia and Haiti (all US refugee sending areas of the world).

Could there also have been some deals with big US corporations looking for the importation of cheap labor to America?

Click here for the Youtube at Breitbart tonight. (It is up to 181,061 views now)

And, don’t miss ‘Hillary’s America!’ now showing in a theater near you.  I saw it in St. Cloud, Minnesota with some great American patriots!

Conservative Tree House blogger says you can do it too!

Do you follow Sundance at the Conservative Tree House blog?  If not, you should.

And, it is not just Soros on the Left, but the Murdochs and Kochs on the Right!

I don’t know who he (or she) is, or if it is really a ‘they,’ but here in an important post yesterday, Sundance reminds all of us that we can do what he/she has done in exposing the big money/power behind the throne.

I didn’t know it when I started to write about the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program that single-issue/investigative blogging held so much promise.

Now I believe there is almost nothing so important as citizen journalists especially when they focus like a laser on a critical issue of our day!

Here is Sundance explaining how there are trillions of dollars at stake in the Presidential race and why Donald Trump is such a threat to them (the poster at right says it all).

But, this is the line that jumped out at me:

Anyone with even moderate research skills could assemble the same data if they had: a.) time, and b.) inclination.    Sometimes, like the “splitter strategy“, conspiracies are not theory.  The behavior inherent within the visible activity is simply just an outcome of a mutually beneficial plan.

Please, please find some time and join the small (so far!) army of citizen journalists, it is really the only hope we have to save America.  Find one issue, be persistent, work a little every day, and find a way to get what you learn out to your fellow citizens even if it is just in your home town!

The framers understood the importance of the First Amendment—use it!

And, do it fearlessly!

We need more of this! Become a citizen journalist!

This is an incredible tale from a recent “town hall” in Northern Virginia. The citizen investigative reporter/journalist, C. Trauernicht, attended a public meeting and reports what was heard here at Conservative HQ.

I’ve only snipped a small segment of the article because I want you to read the whole thing especially if you live in Virginia where some of your elected officials are mentioned by name!

You too can do this!

Arlington Muslim Town Hall Meeting Bashes GOP Presidential Candidates

The “non-partisan” description was what drew me to the event. I fully expected there to be a thoughtful, educational, informative, respectful exchange of ideas. But that was not what happened.

Virginia Del Alfonzo Lopez (D-Arlington) mocked the Tea Party for concerns about Sharia law and called out “75-year old white Delegates in Richmond who want their VA back.”

Simply put, the organizers staged an event to bash VA Republican legislators, and presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. The “Town Hall Meeting” was highly partisan, to the point of distraction from the advertised topic.

There was no discussion about the tenets of Islam, no discussion about the tension between the Qur’an and the Hadith, and no discussion about the possible conflict within the Muslim community about their faith.

The first speaker was Nader Hasan, cousin of Major Nidal Hasan, known as the Fort Hood shooter. Nader described himself as “the epitome of the American dream,” and spoke about how he grew up in America, living a pleasant life. Never did he experience discrimination until after the Fort Hood shooting. [Then surprise! Continue reading…]


As the program moved through the next two panels of speakers, what attendees heard was consistent criticism of Republicans – ONLY. The VA legislators and Arlington County Board members who spoke were Democrats. The only Republican speaker identified was a representative of the Arlington County Republicans, and he sounded like an apologist for the Democrats. Even the two British speakers bashed Republicans!

Continue reading here, then get out there and find a public meeting like this near you! Don’t wait for a biased ‘mainstream media’ report on the event!

Attend and take good notes! Find a place to publish what you learn, write a letter-to-the editor, or better still: start your own blog!

Photo: Learn more about Lopez here at the far Left publication Think Progress.

Fargo, ND: Partnership for a New American Economy exposed in rural America

Wow! People across the heartland of America are beginning to understand what is happening to them!

This is a must-watch video of a local TV news reporter exposing the Partnership for a New American Economy’s joint effort with Open Borders activists like Welcoming America and the US Refugee Admissions Program to make sure a steady supply of cheap labor is distributed to your towns and cities.

Also exposed is a classic and pernicious campaign that is underway to manipulate public opinion!

For background see our post from January about Rupert Murdoch and his rich elitist pals at the Partnership for a New American Economy. And, then see our post just last week at Refugee Resettlement Watch about the selection of the 20 cities where citizens are going to get the full-court propaganda press to “welcome” their replacement population.

See also Leo Hohmann’s more detailed report on what these big-wigs have planned for 20 cities.  This is what I said at WND:

“They want to manipulate the minds of the community and get Americans to believe mass immigration is going to be good for them, that they’re all going to benefit from the influx of more and more migrants,” said Ann Corcoran, author of the Refugee Resettlement Watch blog. “It’s a mind game to soften up the receiving communities.”


Do liberals hate horses (along with the police)? Sure looks like it!

For those who know me, you know this photo of a liberal, anti-Trump supporter smacking a police horse in Kansas City is disturbing.

We are beaten over the head (excuse the pun) and called haters because we support Donald Trump, but look at the face of the Far Left agitator April Foster as she goes after Dan, the police horse—a service animal just doing his job.

So who are the real haters here?

A protester pushes a police horse outside a rally for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at the Arvest Bank Theater in Kansas City, Mo., on Saturday, March 12, 2016. (Christopher Smith/Kansas City Star/TNS)


I posted the story (yes, we have stories too) from Breitbart at my facebook page (with a mention of #JusticeforDan), but when I saw it just now I became annoyed again.  My friend Cathy suggested #horselivesmatter! But, I see there is already a hashtag for Horse Lives Matter, and this story was tweeted there.

Actually that picture above, where she is hitting Dan, is after she tried scaring Dan by shouting in his face (these horses are extremely well-trained to not respond to such aggression).

April shouting at Dan
You can see in his eye that Dan is a little afraid, but is remaining calm because that is his job and he knows it.

Did you wonder what that banner Ms. Foster is carrying says?

I did! And, found it here being proudly held by the peaceful, kind and loving Ms. Foster.

April Foster banner
Ms. Foster (a self-described ‘commie’) says if you are a Trump supporter you are a Nazi or a Klansman. PYO is the Progressive Youth Organization. https://www.facebook.com/Progressivekc/photos/pb.269038513302107.-2207520000.1458443573./479534025585887/?type=3&theater


Please read ‘her’ story at Gateway Pundit where blogger Kristinn Taylor quotes from the police report:

Police said Foster approached an officer and his horse named Dan and began yelling and screaming in the horse’s face, trying to scare the animal.

“When this tactic did not work she attempted to push my horse with no success. I observed this to only make her more angry and violent and in a last attempt she struck my horse in the face with an open hand,” the officer’s report said.

KCTV 5 reported that ‘non-violent’ protester Ms. Foster has a court date.

Anyone in KC on May 4th (9 a.m.) might want to stop by!  Afterall, #horselivesmatter and #JusticeforDan!

April J. Foster, 29, was arrested about 5 p.m. Friday in the 9200 block of Ward Parkway and charged with abuse of a police service animal. Foster was later released after posting a $500 bond and is scheduled to appear in Municipal Court on May 4.

The story gets much bigger when you have a look at horse-hater Ms. Foster’s organization—Progressive Youth Organization.  See ‘Out with the racists, in with refugees.

I wonder if they have any connection to the now defunct Progressive Youth Organization of Afghanistan, here.  Hmmmm! Red-Green axis???

New York City leading the way in discarding citizenship as a requirement to vote

You’ve heard the news I’m sure, but in posting this the point I want to make is this:

The Left never gives up pushing the envelope.  They wake up every morning planning their next big outrageous assault on our sovereignty, our Constitution, and our culture.  We, who want to preserve America as founded, are constantly on the defense.

George Soros
Soros (the bag man behind the NYC scheme) understood, along with his one-worlder pals in Davos, the threat Trump represents. Trump is willing to go on the offense and they aren’t used to that from Republicans. http://anncorcoran2016.org/2016/01/18/george-soros-not-the-only-old-man-changing-america-and-the-world-by-changing-the-people/

It is extremely rare for us to go on the offense, and that is why Donald Trump has been so upsetting to America on the Left and on the Right.

Only Trump this year attempted to do what the Left does in its sleep, push the political debate back in the ‘America First’ direction with his talk of “The Wall” and curtailing Muslim migration to America.  More than the issues themselves, it is the pushback that has everyone so disturbed.

And, what do the buffoons on the political Right do, they fight Trump!

They don’t get-it (or don’t want to get-it) that the agitators on the Left, including Soros in this story, are constantly pulling the debate Leftward and our side needs a counterweight.

Our job is not to find the middle! Our job, the job of activists, is to pull the debate in our direction even if it sometimes sounds over-the-top (or we don’t look like nice people!).

Here is the story at the New York Post that got me thinking about all this earlier this morning (hat tip: Joanne).  NY pols want to make citizenship irrelevant.  Hey, this is a “democracy” they say, and everbody in America should have a say in how it’s run!

New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito has long refused to pledge even ceremonial allegiance to the American flag. No surprise, then, that she displays no respect for American citizenship, either.

Mark-Viverito: “They are American in every way but immigration status.” Let them vote!

Mark-Viverito wants to grant voting rights to non-citizens — including, perhaps, illegal immigrants — in all municipal elections. And she’s not alone. New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito has long refused to pledge even ceremonial allegiance to the American flag. No surprise, then, that she displays no respect for American citizenship, either.

Mark-Viverito wants to grant voting rights to non-citizens — including, perhaps, illegal immigrants — in all municipal elections. And she’s not alone.


It’s all about making sure that New York never again suffers the presence of powerful Republicans.

Mark-Viverito’s short-term goal is to clear the way for immigrant voting in next year’s elections for mayor, comptroller, public advocate, borough president and City Council.


Support for the Mark-Viverito-Dromm scheme ranges from the left-leaning usual suspects to hard-core-crazy communists — with Citizens Action of New York (“We work to elect progressive candidates!”) leading the way; hyperpolitical unions like the Service Employees International Union and Communications Workers of America following; activists of all sorts bobbing along in the wake — and George Soros’ Open Society Institute writing lots of checks.

So what is the counterweight political position to illegal aliens being permitted to vote, it is to demand that we BUILD THE WALL! and generally limit mass immigration!

Mega-wealthy businessmen working with Open Borders Left to change YOUR town

Out of the shadows!

On Wednesday we told you about Fox News/Wall Street Journal’s Rupert Murdoch’s Partnership for a New American Economy (see the co-chairs here including Murdoch, Michael Bloomberg, etc) promoting an Open borders agenda because they say we need millions of new American workers. (It is no wonder that Fox and the Wall Street Journal are trying to destroy Trump!)

Lubell with title
Out of the shadows! Leftist community organizers like Lubell have partnered with globalists, Chambers of Commerce, to change your towns.

And, we told you here (on Monday) about community organizer and Davos darling David Lubell of Welcoming America (here with Obama in Nashville) where I speculate that Lubell is working with global industries to smooth the way in communities for cheap immigrant labor (and of course new Democrat voters as an extra added benefit).

See our entire archive on Lubell at RRW by clicking here.  Lubell got his start with seed money from George Soros.

The Partnership is out of the shadows!

Now we learn that there is no need to speculate—they are working together!  I wonder do Welcoming America’s immigration activists know of the close relationship between Welcoming America and BIG BUSINESS?

Rupert Murdoch
Smug old man Rupert Murdoch is working tirelessly to destroy your towns.

Welcoming America and the Partnership for a New American Economy have partnered in a grant giveaway program—Gateways for Growthdesigned to get your town or county softened up to accept MORE immigrants and refugees!

Community collaboratives must have their applications in by February 5th (from their website):

Immigration is one of our nation’s greatest assets. As immigrants move beyond traditional gateways like New York and Los Angeles to communities across the country, neighborhoods have been revitalized, small businesses have flourished, and cities have been enriched by the economic, civic, and cultural contributions of new Americans.

Recognizing this value, local governments, chambers of commerce, and non-profit organizations are joining forces to develop multi-sector strategic plans for attracting, retaining, and integrating immigrants and international talent. Such plans have spurred new initiatives to support immigrant and U.S.-born entrepreneurs, promote citizenship and financial empowerment, improve public safety, and advance education and workforce goals to help regions compete in the global economy.

To support the development of these plans in communities across the United States, the Partnership for a New American Economy Research Fund (PNAERF) and Welcoming America announce the Gateways for Growth Challenge. The Challenge is a competitive opportunity for local governments, chambers of commerce, and non-profit organizations to jointly apply for research, technical assistance, and matching grants to support their strategic planning processes. Interested communities should submit a Letter of Intent by Friday, February 5th at 5pm EST to challenge@gatewaysforgrowth.org.

Now go to their Frequently Asked Questions to learn more, by clicking here.

In order to receive matching grant money through this program a ‘non-profit’ group must submit an application with one of the following:

To be eligible, nonprofits must apply with a government or private sector entity. Non-profits can be the lead applicant, but there must be partnership from another stakeholder as well.

Private sector entities include the following:

Chambers of Commerce, private companies, local employers, economic development corporations, and private foundations.

All of you concerned for American workers and the future social/cultural cohesion of your towns, not to mention your security, must immediately try to determine if your local government or Chamber of Commerce is working hand-in-glove with globalists (Murdoch, Bloomberg, Marriott, Disney) and the No Borders Left to destroy America.

Please try to stop them!  America’s future as a sovereign nation depends on you!

Addendum: In case you missed it—Rupert Murdoch’s WSJ not happy with Trump/Jeff Sessions alliance, here.

David Lubell: Davos darling (dupe for big banks and big business)

I meant to get to this story sooner, but the blizzard slowed me down.

More in our ‘Know the enemy’ series…..

We have several posts about the big gathering of globalists at Davos, Switzerland last week (World Economic Forum) where it is very clear to everyone watching that mass migration (aka movement of cheap labor around the world) is a key to success for the BIG banks and huge international businesses (like Chobani Yogurt) and that those globalists fear the likes of Donald Trump who unabashedly stands up for US sovereignty and wants to strengthen our borders.

Be sure to see this Breitbart London story about BIG banks admitting they want to import more cheap labor to Europe.

Lubell Davos
David Lubell bio here: http://www.welcomingamerica.org/content/david-lubell-0

So it should be no surprise that the liberal (No borders) do-gooders like community organizer David Lubell get awards at Daaaavos.

Who is Lubell?  We first became aware of his existence in June 2013 in Lancaster, PA where we learned his organization (with initial start-up money from George Soros and the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement) WELCOMING AMERICA was working to make sure your minds were right on the seeding of refugees and immigrants to your towns and cities. (Assuring a supply of cheap labor for businesses of all sorts!).

Lubell got the attention of President Obama here in late 2014 when Lubell was invited on Air Force One in Nashville. You can learn more about Lubell at RRW by clicking here.

Now this:  Lubell chosen at Davos as 2015 Young Global Leader.

We are excited to announce that Welcoming America founder and Executive Director David Lubell was chosen as a 2015 Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. He has been selected from thousands of leaders for this prestigious program. The Forum of Young Global Leaders is a community made up of the world’s most outstanding next-generation of leaders who have dedicated their time and talent to helping make the world a better place.

Important note to our grassroots activists….

While those of us concerned with mass migration go to meetings and conferences and listen to like-minded speakers, Welcoming America is holding political strategy sessions for their people, like this one coming up in Atlanta in April.

Thank you for signing up to receive alerts about the Welcoming Interactive. Because you signed up, you are getting early access to registration!

We invite you to join colleagues from across the globe for the first-of-its-kind Welcoming Interactive, a hands-on training and networking event for leaders of the welcoming movement. The Welcoming Interactive is a non-conference: You won’t be listening to panel presentations or passively absorbing material. The Interactive is about getting inspired, connecting with other leaders, and experiencing hands-on trainings to help you deepen your work.

We’re looking forward to seeing you this spring!

-Welcoming America Team

What: Welcoming Interactive 2016
When: April 19-21, 2016
Where: The Loudermilk Center, 40 Courtland St. NE, Atlanta, GA 30303
Cost: Early Bird (ends 3/15/16): $150 / Full Registration: $250

Sheesh! You have to have a lot of $$$ to be a Welcoming America community organizer!

This post is tagged in our ‘Know the enemy’ archive.

More on Mr. Chobani Yogurt’s plans for rural America

The other day we told you about Hamdi Ulukaya, the billionaire Turkish founder of Chobani Yogurt, and his trip to Davos, Switzerland (World Economic Forum) this week to promote the idea that big business should hire more refugee laborers as he has for his US yogurt plants.  (Refugee resettlement contractors have found him plenty of refugee workers in Twin Falls, Idaho!).

chobani yogurt
Walk on by! That is what I do in the dairy aisle. See this 2013 story about Chobani’s mold problem. http://abcnews.go.com/Business/chobani-pulls-greek-yogurt-off-sheves/story?id=20158308

Leo Hohmann at World Net Daily has a more lengthy detailed report on Ulukaya’s proposal.

Hohmann reports that a number of companies have already signed on with a plan to give more work and other goodies to immigrant workers over American workers.  They include:  Ikea, MasterCard, Airbnb, LinkedIn, Western Union and UPS.  

I hate to see this list, especially UPS, because where I live it is an important source of work for low-skilled AMERICANS!

Be sure to check out the reaction to the story at WND.  As of this writing, there are over 1,100 comments.

See our extensive archive at RRW on refugee problems in Twin Falls, Idaho by clicking here. If I lived in Twin Falls I would find every connection to Mr. Chobani with local and state elected officials, the College of Southern Idaho, Jan Reeves, the local newspaper and the resettlement contractors working there and expose them!