Former PA Republican governor Tom Ridge, untrustworthy, says he won’t support Trump

Yesterday we told you about the dueling rallies in Lancaster, PA between those who want to put the needs of Americans first and those who welcome the resettlement of sharia-loving Muslim and other impoverished third-world refugees to your small cities and towns.

Ridge and Trump
Ridge: Trump is an “embarrassment.”

Republican ‘leaders’ like Tom Ridge are to blame for how we got to this place.  I’ll bet as governor he never once looked into the administration of the refugee resettlement program in his state.  And, surely, as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, the refugee screening issue was not discussed or we wouldn’t be in this fix now.

Although Ridge now says we can’t screen refugees from Syria, here, two years ago he signed a letter with Grover Norquist and Suhail Khan asking the GOP to get behind bringing in MORE refugees from Muslim countries. They didn’t specifically say Muslim countries, but since two of the largest groups entering—Iraqis and Somalis—are Muslims, by asking for more it goes without saying they supported the influx of that group.

Open borders Republicans!

Here is what I said about the 2014 letter and the list of those in the Republican ruling class that are not to be trusted because they used such poor judgement in signing this letter—a letter that was only picked up by Human Rights First!

The statement is signed by former U.S. Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez; former Florida Governor Jeb Bush;  former Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Tom Ridge;  Kansas Governor Sam Brownback; former Senator Mel Martinez;  Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform;   Suhail A. Khan, chairman of the Conservative Inclusion Coalition; Jim Ziglar, former Commissioner of the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS); Alberto Mora, former General Counsel of the Navy; and Dr. Paula Dobriansky, former Under Secretary of State for Democracy and Global Affairs .

Ridge will not support Trump!

Ridge tells Chuck Todd he will not support Trump if he is the Republican nominee.  So is he going to vote for Hillary?

Watch Ridge’s interview with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd.  Ridge is a Jeb! backer and although Trump promised to support whoever the Republican nominee is, Ridge isn’t going to support Trump.

With ‘friends’ like these, who needs enemies!

Lancaster, PA Americans First! rally educated many

Lancaster rally
Americans First rally in Lancaster, PA yesterday. “Vets B4 Refugees”

Two weeks ago I met a young man from Lancaster, PA, a vet who had done tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I asked him if he knew Muslim refugees were being resettled in Lancaster and he said NO! (expressing shock).

He may know more now thanks to the good work of the Patriotic Liberty League which held a rally in Lancaster yesterday. (Click here for our earlier report)  See the extensive coverage here at PennLive, a large paper out of Harrisburg.  And, be sure to watch the videos!

Of course the spin from the reporting was that the pro-refugee advocates (in support of more Muslim migration to Lancaster) outnumbered those opposed.  Make no mistake, by their support for more Middle Easterners and Africans for Lancaster, they are supporting the inevitable arrival of demands for Sharia compliance in the workplace and in government programs.

Church World Service (bringing Muslims to PA) is a multi-million dollar federal resettlement contractor.  Learn more about them here (they are lobbying for 100,000 Syrian, mostly Muslim, refugees to be admitted to the US before the end of this year.) It is because of Church World Service that I began writing Refugee Resettlement Watch back in 2007.

From PennLive:

More than 200 people rallying in support of refugees coming to the midstate at times drowned out speeches by those calling for a halt to them in front of Church World Service in Lancaster Saturday afternoon.

About 40 people showed up on the side of the “End the Influx of Refugees” rally in Lancaster, arguing for an “America first” policy and said money should be spent helping people here in need, rather than on helping refugees come here.

The two groups chanted at times back and forth across King Street, but it was a peaceful three-hour protest. Eight Lancaster police officers kept watch over the group, including three on horseback.

John Rentschler of Berks County, one of the anti-rally organizers, said, “I believe we can help these refugees, and should, but we should do it over there,” referring to their home countries.

He also said the Gulf Arab states should be doing more to help the refugees, and that they should be trained to form a militia “to take back their country.”

There is much more at PennLive, continue reading here.

Keep it up patriots. And, don’t worry about numbers.  You are educating so many and giving a voice to those at home who agree with you, but are fearful of speaking up.

Remember two years ago the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement assured an audience in Lancaster that there was no RESISTANCE to seeding towns with refugees and immigrants in Pennsylvania.

By the way, we heard from one of the pro-refugee demonstrators in a comment to my earlier post and this is what I asked of him:

For the record, so, you don’t have a minutes doubt about admitting large numbers of Islamists to Lancaster? No where is there a little niggling concern in your mind about the treatment of women and gays in the Islamic world? Do you think all of that is made up? Or, do you think that centuries of prejudice on their part will magically disappear once you give them a hug in that mythical American melting pot?

Over the years I’ve invited Leftists to explain to my readers (via a guest column) why they believe the US taxpayer must welcome mass third world migration to America. Will you write such a guest post? If you agree though, you can’t do the usual emotional appeal (country of immigrants blather) and you can’t call those who disagree with you racists, xenophobes, Islamophobes, bigots etc. Could you do that? Just explain in logical terms why it is good for America. Also, be sure to tell us if you have any limits. Is there some number in your mind that would be too many? Or, do you think our borders should just be dissolved? I really want to know.

Even if you don’t take me up on the offer of a guest column (no one ever has), I and my readers really want to know your answer to my last question—do you have any number in mind that would be too many migrants? Or, should America just be erased?

I urge all of you, confronted by those who welcome mass migration to America, to ask those last questions.  (Silence!)  We all know that if America’s borders were erased, we would be a third-world hell-hole in a matter of months.

Lancaster, PA (Amish country): Muslim population expanding as refugees move in

What a coincidence, just as I launched this blog and explained (here) where the word “resistance” in the title came from; and how Lancaster played a role in helping me understand that they are seeding American communities with refugees, comes news that things aren’t so copacetic there as an article from PBS would have you think.

Barry Russell
Too funny! Barry Russell must be Lancaster’s professional Leftwing agitator because here he was pushing the gay agenda in a 2013 Lancaster rally: “Russell, who organized the event, is a member of Red Rose Rainbow Community – an organization that supports the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning community.”

Tomorrow, citizens opposing more refugee resettlement have planned a demonstration in Lancaster and will be facing those who are helping to cause disharmony in the community by resettling large numbers of third world refugees in the city.

***Update*** Here is news about what happened in Lancaster today. More tomorrow.

(By the way, Muslim refugees who were first resettled in my rural Washington County, Maryland community were spillovers from Lancaster and the Church World Service Program there.)

Here is the news about the opposing rallies.  If you live in the area, you might want to stop by and lend a hand.

Americans First!

Americans First is the message of the group Patriotic Liberty League:

“It’s not about not liking refugees,” said Bridget Fisher, an organizer of the anti-refugee rally and a leader of the Patriotic Liberty League.

“We’ve been called every name in the book, that we’re bigots, xenophobes, fascists … and crazy white supremacists. That’s not what we are,” Fisher said. “Our stance is, Americans have to come first. It’s not xenophobia. It’s tyranny. Our government is failing us.”

That doesn’t sit well with Barry Russell, a member of Rainbow Rose Community, who organized a counter-rally to show the region’s more welcoming side.  [LOL!  I guess they can just drag out that ol’ Rainbow Community for whatever leftwing cause comes along!—ed]

Be sure to have a look at the puff-piece at PBS and note that Lancaster has about a 1,000 Muslims now and you can thank Church World Service for helping to ultimately bring shariah law to Amish country.

Election 2016 observation and suggestion:  There really aren’t very many of the Leftwing agitators and “community organizers” as we see here with Mr. Barry (multi-purpose) Russell.  Let’s just laugh at them!  After all, ridicule is man’s most potent weapon (Alinsky Rule 5).

Let me know if Russell wears his rainbow attire tomorrow or has another costume—maybe a t-shirt with starving children.

This reminds me of the hilarious Ann Coulter line where she says Leftist agitators have a motto: “Speak loudly and carry a small victim!


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