Governor Haley and crew are the big losers in South Carolina

The South Carolina Republican establishment has shown itself to be paper tigers. Granted their man, Open Borders Marco, inched into 2nd place, but well behind the front leader, Donald Trump.

They could not deliver South Carolina!

Haley and gang
Rep. Trey Gowdy, Sen. Marco Rubio, Gov. Nikki Haley and Sen. Tim Scott (hovering behind them all is bring-in-more-Syrians Sen. Lindsey Graham).

In fact when you add up the percentages for the outsiders, those who want to shake up Washington (Trump, Cruz and Carson), a total of 61% of South Carolina voters said they didn’t care if Gov. Nikki Haley, Rep. Trey Gowdy and although not shown in the photo, Senator Lindsey Graham (a fellow member of the infamous Gang of Eight with Marco Rubio) supported Rubio or not!

Correction: A reader tells me that SC god-father Graham supported Jeb (for what good it did). You can be sure he is now on the Rubio train.

Lindsey Graham rubio
Senator Lindsey Graham exposed as weak in his home state!

Thank goodness for Donald Trump because he is helping all of us see the forces arrayed against America First Conservatives.

Indeed, the weakness of the hold the establishment has on South Carolina has been exposed!

I once had high hopes that Rep. Trey Gowdy, as chairman of the Immigration subcommittee in the House, would be helpful in investigating the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program, but his lack of initiative even as refugees are moving into Spartanburg, and his endorsement of Rubio for President dispelled that crazy notion!

For more on Rubio, Graham, Haley and Gowdy as it relates to immigration/refugees please visit Refugee Resettlement Watch and search for their names.

66% of New Hampshire Republican voters support ban on Muslims entering US

You may see this news in passing on the big win by Trump in New Hampshire last night, but you can bet it won’t be leading the news anywhere.

I predict a similar response by voters in South Carolina.


Donald Trump and family at victory party in Manchester last night.


From Breitbart:

According to the New Hampshire exit polls, a full 66% of Republican voters back a “ban on Muslims from entering the U.S.” This obviously is good news for Donald Trump, who proposed a temporary ban on foreign Muslims entering the country until our government is in a better position to avoid another Sacramento terror attack. The female jihadist who committed that terror attack was here on a fiancée visa.

By all accounts, Trump made this proposal based only on his instincts, not any kind of focus group polling. Every other candidate in the Republican primary disagreed with the proposal, many outright condemned it as bigotry.

More here.

Refugees sour voters!

The UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program has been very controversial in New Hampshire (see dozens of posts on overloaded Manchester, here at RRW).

Trump Pegida
Trump is right says banner in the midst of German demonstration against the Islamification of Europe.

Likewise, South Carolina citizens have been agitated since March with the news that the state will be stepping-up resettlement of refugees there and that both Senator Lindsey (bring in the Syrians) Graham and Governor Nikki Haley are on board to “welcome” Africa, Asia and the Middle East to the state.

My contention is that citizens have been soured by the idea of refugee resettlement because it appears that almost everywhere they are being shoved down the throats of unsuspecting communities where the economic costs and social upheaval weigh heavy on Americans citizens.

The news from Europe on Muslim ‘refugees’ overrunning the continent also causes anxiety among Americans who fear that it could happen here.

Trump would do well to focus on immigration when he gets to South Carolina.

(The Republican primary in SC is February 20th.)