You too can do this from the comfort of your home!

There is a blogger named Sundance who is being vilified these days by the likes of radio host Mark Levin. I want you to see his latest on Ted Cruz who IS GETTING MONEY FROM THE WASHINGTON CARTEL.

Rush limbaugh show
Rush! Say it isn’t so! Tell us money does not talk!

But that is not what I want you to get from this post.  I want each of you to aspire to be Sundance.

I don’t know who he is.  Recently Levin (whoa in a big reveal—not!) said he was a former grocery store manager which I thought was rather snotty and elitist of Levin to say because former grocery store managers and housewives (like me) have a right to investigate and report what we learn via alternative media.

You can do it too.  I can’t tell you how frustrating I find it sometimes to meet new people, grassroots folks, who know so much and have been doing their own investigations and never try to get what they learn out in a broader way.  For goodness sake, if tech-impaired-me can figure out how to blog, so can you!

Please, please, everyone of you who are frustrated and want to do something to save our country, become an amateur investigative reporter.

Like Sundance who is digging into public records, you can too!  Then figure out the best way to get what you learn out beyond your own circle of friends.  Free speech is our last best hope, please use it!

Now, back to that Sundance story on Ted Cruz… I was driving yesterday and had an opportunity to listen to Rush Limbaugh (I’ve listened on and off ever since he appeared on the scene over two decades ago), but something was very different yesterday.  I even called a friend to ask if he was listening because I was so shocked at Limbaugh’s comments.

He basically said Marco Rubio was a true conservative and not an establishment darling.  Sorry I will never get past Rubio’s betrayal in choosing to become one of the Gang of Eight that, had their bill become law, would not only have ultimately legalized millions of illegal aliens, but would have also directed gobs more taxpayer dollars at federal refugee resettlement contractors (who lobbied for the bill).

What on earth had changed Limbaugh’s here-to-fore skepticism and even-handedness?

Here is how Sundance wrapped up his piece (is this the answer?):

*NOTE* For those following the Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin advocacy, Stand For Truth has spent $2,301,250 on “Pro-Cruz radio advertising” exclusively.  –SEE HERE

How much of that $2.3 million do you think is going to Limbaugh and Levin?

I want to thank Donald Trump because if he weren’t on the scene this year we would never know the truth about so many things…..

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