Beware the Delphi Technique! This time in Billings, Montana

Buried near the end of this news account from Billings, MT about churches preparing welcoming kits for refugees is a bit of information you need to know more about—no matter what political issue concerns you!

First wade through a discussion about World Relief Spokane’s Mark Kadel as he brags about how he is proactive with the media to get out a “welcoming” message about refugees to head off the unwelcoming locals.

He says his work in Spokane with the media has helped keep a lid on the controversy that now embroils nearby Missoula, MT.  (See also this morning’s post on Rutland, VT where it looks like the media lid is off!).

St. Andrew Presbyterian Church
St. Andrew Presbyterian Church will host a “constructive conversation” about Syrian refugee resettlement on May 21st.

This is what I want to get to…..

Near the end of the longish piece we learn that a Billings Presbyterian Church is going to hold a community meeting about Syrian refugees on May 21.

St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in Billings invites area residents to engage in constructive conversations about Syrian refugees on Saturday, May 21, from 1 to 4 p.m. in the church, 180 24th St. W.

With a target of 10,000 Syrian refugees to be resettled in the United States by Sept. 30, Montanans are discussing whether Syrian refugees would be welcome in this state or if security issues are more important than the welfare of Syrians.


Participants will join in small groups, with some members in favor of settling Syrian refugees in Montana and others who are concerned about the safety and security of citizens if Syrian refugees are permitted. A facilitator will encourage each person to tell his or her story and background, after which participants will explore any areas of common agreement. [Keep in mind that this ‘story and background’ mumbo jumbo is just one more strategy used to play on your emotions and stop logical debate.—ed]

The goal, according to a press release from the church, “is to learn to listen to others and to share our opinions in a civil manner, trying to understand each other without a need to come to any conclusions.”

For more information or to register for the free event, call the church weekday mornings at 656-9256 or write to

Please state whether you are for or against the acceptance of Syrian refugees. This project is supported by a peace-making grant provided to St. Andrew Presbyterian Church by the Yellowstone Presbytery.

[LOL! they need to know in advance if you are for or against Syrians coming to Montana. Why?—ed]

Why is this so interesting to me (and should be to you)?

Because this is an example of the Delphi Technique, a system first developed over 50 years ago that is used now to direct the outcome of a public meeting to a pre-determined conclusion.  This (click here) is a good description of it.

The process used to “facilitate” the meeting is called the Delphi Technique. This Delphi Technique was developed by the RAND Corporation for the U.S. Department of Defense back in the 1950s. It was originally intended for use as a psychological weapon during the cold war.

However, it was soon recognized that the steps of Delphi could be very valuable in manipulating ANY meeting toward a predetermined end.

There are many variations, but here is a simple description of what I predict will happen (and what you can consider doing) at the St. Andrew Presbyterian Church:

Instead of the entire audience hearing the various critics of the idea of bringing refugees to Montana, the critics will be subsumed into small groups where the majority likely will be supporters of the proposition (refugees welcome) and have planned ahead for how to argue within your small group.

You, the critic in one group, will not hear what critics in other groups are saying.  The facilitator in each group will have been carefully chosen in advance (he or she will favor resettlement of refugees in Montana). Of course a smart facilitator will be slick, and you, the critic, will feel like your concerns have been heard.

But, since you are in the minority (unless many many critics show up!) when the group comes back together in the body of the whole, you will be made to feel that your opinion was the minority opinion and may not even be mentioned when wrap-up reports are given by each facilitator.

Media reports of the gathering will say that the majority of Billings citizens want to welcome refugees.

It seems to me that if you are planning to attend and are of the opinion that impoverished third world refugees from mostly the Middle East and Africa will not benefit your community you have several choices.

First, don’t participate at all and maybe protest outside.

Or, participate but stand up at the beginning and demand that you don’t break into small groups—then everyone hears everyone’s else’s concerns and ideas.  If they insist on the break-out groups (because their entire strategy is based on Delphi), you walk out (and complain to the press).

Or, if there are enough of you to make sure each small group has a large compliment of critics, and you are all prepared for their strategy, then it might be worth participating.

When you are participating be firm (and stay calm!) and do not allow anyone in your group (the pro-refugee people) to wander into a discussion about moral duty. Make them stick to the facts—cost of the program, employment, housing, security and so forth.

It is important to stay calm and reasoned because one important part of the Delphi Strategy is to show you as crazy people and the facilitators (the pro-refugee resettlement people) as the professional-sounding ‘good’ people.  Anyone attending who has not made up their mind will then naturally tend to relate to those people—the nice-sounding people—instead of you.

Make sure you get to the media when it’s over and don’t allow the sponsoring group to monopolize any reporters present.  If no reporters are present, then call your local media yourself—right away!

There might be other things you can think of to do, I’m not an expert, but I have seen it done to unsuspecting citizens often enough to recognize it!

And, please, please, all of you who plan to attend, click here and read the strategy on how you can defeat the Delphi Technique!

If you are not a regular reader of RRW and are wondering what the heck is going on in Montana, click here.


Zuckerberg controlling speech in Germany (can you say Gestapo?)

This is really incredible. Did they learn nothing from Hitler’s Germany where free speech was so controlled that a massive human tragedy occurred for both Jews and the German people.

merkel and zuckerberg
Mama Merkel and the boy, plotting to control freedom of speech. Interesting that some versions of this story use this graphic and others don’t.

This is news from late last week and so you’ve probably seen it—Facebook tycoon Markie Zuckerberg went to dear old Deutschland and promised to wipe “hate” speech from facebook postings, a sure fire way to create an even greater angry pressure cooker scenario where people, if not given an opportunity to vent with their voices, will find other means to blow off steam.

Editor: When I started this blog in January I figured much of my writing would focus on political policy enemies and I wasn’t expecting to find so much to write about where the media attempts to control thought.  See even Fox News here yesterday.

Here is Bloomberg Business (hat tip: the lobbying arm for US resettlement contractors*** who obviously think Zuckerberg is doing a good thing):


. CEO Mark Zuckerberg vowed to rid his site of hate speech against & migrants.

Bloomberg Business:

Facebook Inc.Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg vowed to rid his site of hate speech against migrants and lauded Germany’s leadership in the refugee crisis as part of an effort to win over those critical of the social media site’s handling of the matter.

“We’ve recognized how sensitive this is, especially with the migrant crisis here,” Zuckerberg said to thunderous applause at a town hall event in Berlin on Friday carried live on German cable news channels. “We hear the message loud and clear and we’re committed to doing better, there’s not a place for this kind of content on Facebook.”

Zuckerberg said about 200 people in Germany will police the site to remove racist posts, his clearest public remarks on the issue since Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government complained that the social network wasn’t doing enough to crack down on racists outbursts.

Merkel herself had stepped up the pressure after the arrival of more than 1 million refugees last year in Germany prompted a surge in hate postings. The chancellor confronted Zuckerberg in September on the sidelines of a United Nations development summit in New York to ask how his company was progressing in curtailing those posts.

Zuckerberg met Thursday in Berlin with Peter Altmaier, Merkel’s chief of staff, who is in charge of managing the refugee influx.

Continue reading here.

Come on folks, how about creating some new communication platforms to compete with facebook!

And, let me beg you all again to please, please use social media and more importantly start your own websites and blogs because they will have a much harder time shutting down everyone that way!

The political revolution we are witnessing right now is because you are able to get your news from thousands of sources, we need to keep it that way!

***Learn more about the lobbying arm of the refugee industry, Refugee Council USA, by clicking here.  They now want 100,000 Syrian (mostly Sunni Muslim) refugees admitted to the US this next year.

Who is the ‘plant’ questioning Trump at NH townhall?

Update!  Mystery solved! Thanks to readers who found that the bearded man is Darren Ornitz who lives in Brooklyn, NY. He may have earlier lived in Greenwich, CT.  He is a Reuters freelance photographer and is “leaning toward” supporting Bernie Sanders.  Once you know his name the rest falls into place. Here is one report on him.

It would be very informative (and fun) to figure out who is the bearded man (obviously a plant) who asked Trump if he could look Syrian kids in the face and tell them they can’t come to America.

Click here and see my post just now at Refugee Resettlement Watch for details and to see the video.  Trump gave a very good answer.

Who is the bearded man trying to take the microphone from Trump’s man?  He says he is from Greenwich, CT. He denies he is working for Hillary. Is he involved with CAIR CT? Does he work for a refugee resettlement contractor? Or, does he work for Bush or any other Republican candidate?  It would be so informative to find out.

Screenshot (23)

North Carolina county tries to save itself from future Islamic terrorism

Craven County, NC isn’t the only county taking up the issue (via the resolution process) of whether refugees from terror-producing countries should be blocked from resettlement in their community.  Several county governments in South Carolina have already passed such resolutions.

The face of refugees in New Bern. Burmese refugee stabbed three children to death there last year.

The federal refugee resettlement contractors and their Leftwing friends in the No Borders movement don’t take these resolutions seriously, but that is no reason not to do this!  They claim they have every right to shove “New Americans” down your throats.

All of you concerned about the destruction of the character, the economy and social make-up of your towns, take note.  You are guerrilla warriors in the political sense.  You are creating controversy and keeping the issue in the news by taking such actions.  The point is to make a point and get media attention!

Media attention brings the issue to new people who didn’t even know this was happening, and many don’t like it once they learn more about how refugee resettlement works and who is behind it (see UN selects our refugees!).

Here is what I learned from WITN News about an upcoming ‘hearing’ on their resolution.

Commissioners have postponed a decision on a resolution that would block Syrian refugees from being relocated to their county.

Craven County Commissioners met Tuesday morning and reviewed a draft resolution that requests the Interfaith Refugee Ministry not to bring in any refugees from countries the State Department considers to be controlled by terrorist organizations. That includes refugees from Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen.

The motion was made on Tuesday to table the issue so that public comments can be introduced. Those comments can be made at the next Commissioner’s meeting on Monday, Feb. 1 at 7:00 p.m.

Go here for more on the County Commission and for location of meetings.

I can’t impress on you enough that if you live near New Bern, the county seat, you must attend and speak up.  Your goal is to get media attention! Get national attention if you can!

The point you must make is that local communities have no say about who is dropped off by the federal government and its resettlement contractors and that must be changed.

Related:  See Trump protester from North Carolina, here.  He is an adviser to a Muslim Brotherhood front group and you can bet he (or his pals) will be in New Bern.

I’m going to say more at Refugee Resettlement Watch about the numbers going to New Bern and where they are from…(I’ll add link here when I’ve posted it.)  Click here !

Lutheran lobbyist gives us HUGE list of clergy who support Muslim migration to America

They are having fits in the No Borders movement over a bill that is supposed to be on the Senate floor tomorrow and that would supposedly make it harder for Syrian and Iraqi refugees to get into the US.  But, by all accounts, if it isn’t amended, it will be nothing more than a fig leaf.

BrittneyNystrom_290 (1)
If you are concerned about your security with the admission of tens of thousands of Syrian and Iraqi Muslims, LIRS lobbyist Brittney Nystrom thinks you are a ‘hater.’

That hasn’t stopped the refugee contractors and others in the No Borders cabal to go a bit crazy in opposition (and what do you think the odds are that the O-man will even sign it, if it had teeth).

You can read all about it here at RRW.

However, most interesting to me, since we are showcasing ‘know the enemy’ at American Resistance 2016! is this fantastic list of ‘religious’ left clergy and other activists who are actively promoting MORE Muslim migration to America.

This is what I just said at RRW about the list:

‘Faith leaders’ in support of more Muslim migration to America!

Is your rabbi, pastor or priest on the list?

By far the most useful information Ms. Nystrom provides is this list of all the “faith” leaders on the ‘religious Left’ who support MORE Muslim migration to America, more ‘unaccompanied alien children’ for your towns, and who were involved I’m sure in lobbying for the Gang of Eight (amnesty) bill as LIRS did as well.

There is even a state-by-state list of the clergy “welcoming” Muslim migrants to your towns!  Go here and also (quickly) save the list!

***Update*** A reader suggests that you find those on the list where you live and challenge them to put their money where their mouths are and finance the entire program, and assume complete liability for every refugee, and assure the American taxpayers that refugees will NEVER become “public charges”?


Ted Cruz on Syrian refugees as the “tired, huddled masses”

Almost two years ago, Senator Ted Cruz can be seen on Fox News, in a piece that spins favorably on Syrian refugee resettlement, along with some of our favorite pals and globalists (David Miliband and Anne Richard), saying this:


We have welcomed refugees—the tired, huddled masses—for centuries and we should continue to do so.   [Be sure to see our post at RRW on the Statue of Liberty and that d*** poem—ed]

He than cautions that the Syrian refugees should be screened, but concludes by saying, “we can do that.”

Watch the clip here (hat tip Richard at Blue Ridge Forum):


What a difference two years make! Cruz would surely not be sounding so chirpy on the subject today!

LOL! Or, more accurately what a difference a Presidential campaign against Donald Trump makes!

Get the UN out of the business of choosing our refugees! Agitate!

Just this morning I posted at RRW about how the UN High Commissioner for Refugees is choosing ‘New Americans’ destined for your towns.

syrian_refugee_4-1 (1)
The United Nations is picking refugees from their camps for your towns!

You can see that post by clicking here.

The primary focus of American Resistance 2016! is to give grassroots activists ideas on how to fight back as political guerrilla warriors against those who are working to change America by changing the people.

I’m urging all of you to demand of your Members of Congress and your US Senators to uncouple our Refugee Admissions Program from the United Nations.  When Congress passed the original Refugee Act of 1980, it did not give the United Nations carte blanche to choose our refugees.

I can hear you saying now that Congress is useless!  I know. But, you must do what the Left is always so good at—agitation.  You must keep the issue alive and be in-the-face of your elected representatives at all times!  And, in so doing, keep the issue in the media, especially your local media.

Every day more Americans catch on to what the globalists and the one-worlders are doing to us, and they don’t like it.  There is no silver bullet to stop mass migration to America. So, it is your job to create controversy and get mentioned in the media!

Again, politicians hate chaos and controversy!

By the way, if you are in one of those early primary states, try to bring the refugee issue up every time you have an opportunity to meet or hear from one of the 2016 Presidential candidates.

If you live in Montana, you must let your fellow Montanans know that the UN is deciding who will be coming to the state working through the US State Department and the International Rescue Committee.  Local government will have NO SAY!  See refugees coming to Missoula?

Who is Refaai Hamo? White House poster boy for Syrian refugees in America

Tonight, if you watch Obama’s last State of the Union address, you will see Refaai Hamo sitting with First Lady Michelle Obama.  Hamo is the personification of all Syrians coming to America according to the White House propaganda machine.

Refaai Hamo and Mohammad
A PR firm working for Lutheran Social Services of MI arranged a press conference for Hamo and his son Mohammad when they arrived in the US in December.

If you have never heard the name, Refaai Hamo, just google it (there are pages of stories about him).  The gist of his story (the Left loves stories!) is that “The Scientist” had his sumptuous home blasted by a missile in Syria several years ago (stories vary on what year), and has been living in Turkey with some of his children.

In his story now made famous by several Leftwing sites (and a resettlement contractor’s PR firm!), what kind of a ‘scientist’ he is, is never mentioned. There is one mention that he was a civil engineer working as a “consultant” of some sort.  Are civil engineers considered scientists?

Stories like Hamo’s don’t just spread like wildfire. Lynne Golodner who runs a PR firm called Your People LLC was hired by LSS of MI to head their campaign on behalf of Hamo (The Scientist). I sure hope your tax dollars didn’t pay her contract.

The missile attack supposedly killed his wife and one daughter, but in one account I read his then 14-year-old son was the victim.

According to this story, son Mohammed (now 18) is alive and well.  They reportedly were in Turkey for the last two years, so where were they for two years after that attack.  The timeline is fuzzy.

And, to add to his tale of woe, he now has stomach cancer and said that he could not get treatment in Turkey.  (But he heard about Obamacare and here he is!)

***Update*** You can’t make this up! Oopsy! No cancer! Brandon Stanton of ‘Humans of New York’ tweeted:

Dr. Hamo recently underwent surgery to have a large tumor removed from his stomach. It was benign.

Since mid-December he has been living in the Troy, Michigan area in a wealthy neighborhood.  So he didn’t have any money to pay for treatment in Turkey?  The whole story sounds fishy to me.

***Update*** If you find more on Hamo’s ‘story’ please send us links!

He has money now! Some big shot actor and filmmaker took up his story and set up a go-fund me page and has raised nearly a half million dollars for him.  My first thought was, oh good, his cancer treatment costs will not come out of the wallets of American taxpayers.  But hold on….

His federal refugee resettlement contractor (Lutheran Social Services of Michigan) will be ‘managing’ his money for him.  LOL! I bet that arrangement doesn’t last too long!

To make a long story short, the White House and the No Borders activists will use Hamo tonight as part of a massive PR campaign they are waging on America to get your minds right on the Obama Syrian influx just now getting underway.

I don’t have time to write about it, but see “Welcoming Michigan” here and its campaign with the Catholic Church in that state to tamp down any pockets of resistance to changing Michigan by changing the people.

Lutheran Social Services of Michigan—doing well by doing good!

mark Stutrud
Mark Stutrud, former CEO at LSS Michigan (and now at LSS Illinois) pulled down a compensation package valued at over $450,000 reported in 2013 Form 990.

Just as I said the other day about Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota, concerned citizens in Michigan must begin to investigate the federal resettlement contractors working in the state.

Start here with the most recent Form 990 for LSS Michigan, a $93 million a year quasi-government agency.

We thought Jodi Harpstead’s salary in Minnesota was huge, but check out the salary, benefits and related income Mark Stutrud pulled down in this 2013 Form 990. (Stutrud has since moved on to head up Lutheran Social Services of Illinois.  We can assume the CEO now in charge in Michigan is getting a similar fantastic package.)

For young up-and-comers, forget Wall Street, it’s the ‘Christian charity’ world that you should be shooting for if you want to live well while wearing the do-gooder white hat!

Good Lutherans should begin to demand answers about what is being done in the name of your faith and why LSS is in the forefront of resettling Muslims to American towns.

One last thing… Jodi Harpstead’s MALE predecessor at LSS Minnesota made much more than she did and so does Stutrud (a little income inequality in the Christian charity world?).

One more one last thing…. there is more to Hamo’s story than we are being told.  I sure hope some real investigators dig in further.

Kansas Governor Brownback blowing with the wind on refugees

O.K. where the hell do you stand on refugees and immigration generally?

Update! Reader SueB just sent this great website about refugee resettlement in Kansas. Check it out here.

Sam Brownback
Which Gov. Brownback do we believe? The one worried about refugee terrorists coming to Kansas, or…..

When I saw this press announcement a couple of days ago, I just shook my head in wonderment.

Here, Kansas Governor (and former US Senator) Brownback sounds tough as nails on the issue of resettling Syrian refugees in Kansas, but he has been all over the map on refugees and immigration throughout his political career.

For example on Somali refugee resettlement. First, while on a key Senate committee, he was for Somali resettlement to America, then he was against it for Kansas.

Americans for Tax Reform Founder and President Grover Norquist smiles during an on-stage interview at The Atlantic Economy Summit in Washington March 18, 2014. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS BUSINESS) - RTR3HLYA
….the one who signed on to a letter with Americans for Tax Reform Founder and President Grover Norquist in 2014 begging the GOP for more refugees! Why would a program costly to taxpayers be one that Norquist champions?

Then he joined Islamic apologists Grover Norquist and Suhail Kahn in 2014 to demand that the GOP ‘welcome’ even more refugees to America.  They said:

Our policies toward refugees are at the heart of our American values.

He is all over the map and that is why Republican voters have come to so thoroughly dislike the career (establishment) politicians.

Here is Brownback on Friday:

Topeka, KS –
Governor Sam Brownback today signed Executive Order No. 16-01, broadening his previous Executive Order 15-07 concerning the resettlement of refugees in the State of Kansas.

The Executive Order, Protecting Kansas from Terrorism, recognizes the continuing threat posed by terrorists and those sympathizing with terrorist organizations. The order says in part that “no department, commission, board or agency of the government of the State of Kansas shall aid, cooperate with, or assist in any way the relocation of refugees that present a safety and security risk to the State of Kansas, until such time as an adequate vetting process is in place with adequate assurances to the state.”

Statement from Governor Sam Brownback

“Recent events, including the arrest on terrorism charges of two men who entered the country as refugees, demand that we take prudent and responsible action to protect the citizens of Kansas. This is evidence that the Obama administration is disregarding the safety of our citizens through a refugee vetting system that is clearly inadequate.

It is my responsibility as Governor of this great state to do what we can to protect the citizens of Kansas and I will act to maintain the security of our state.”

So politicians can change their minds over the years.  But, this is ridiculous!

See here at Refugee Resettlement Watch where we chronicled Brownback’s career on Somali refugee resettlement to America where he (as a US Senator) was a big supporter of the original scheme to bring in large numbers of Somali Bantus.  Please see a detailed account of Brownback’s about-face here at VDARE in 2003.

And, please see the ten OPEN borders Republicans who in 2014 told the GOP to support more refugees for America, here.

Immigration THE litmus test for conservatism!

What drew my attention to Kansas’s governor right now (in addition to his press statement on Friday) is a mention of him in an excellent analysis at Bloomberg news by  Ramesh Ponnuru about how a politician’s position on immigration is perhaps the most important litmus test there is (certainly in this election season, and probably well into the future) of a candidate’s “conservative” bona fides.

This is what Ponnuru says about Brownback demonstrating that one’s position on immigration didn’t previously matter to “conservative” voters.  It is a testament to you that it now does matter!

The same pattern held in non-presidential races. In 1996, then Representative Sam Brownback of Kansas had nearly unanimous conservative support in his primary against an incumbent senator soon after he helped to defeat House legislation restricting immigration.

We already know that Executive orders like the one announced by Brownback on Friday are going no where (just more grandstanding)! I have some ideas of what governors might do to keep the issue alive this election year (Republican led Congress has proven itself hopeless!) and I’ll tell you about my idea shortly.

This article is one more in a series of posts we are tagging: Know the enemy. Go here for others in the series.

David Miliband: US must not stop Syrian resettlement, would be threat to “global governance”

Out of the mouth of a globalist of the first order!

Miliband and Clinton
Hillary thinks he is a “hottie.”

One of the main objectives of this new blog—American Resistance 2016—is to help make some of our enemies on the Left household names.

Pay attention to David Miliband who heads-up the financially largest US refugee resettlement agency.  He is the former British Foreign Secretary who came to New York in 2013 to take the reins of the International Rescue Committee.

***Update*** A South American news outlet is reporting that Miliband makes $600,000 a year running the ‘charity.’  Doing well by doing good! Here is more at the Daily Mail (where the S. A. news must have gotten it).

The Clintons, George Soros, Samantha Power and others of the NO Borders Left were on hand to greet his arrival.   You know he is playing a huge role in seeding American towns with Muslim migrants as he was the first to call for the resettlement of 65,000 Syrian refugees before Obama leaves office (he has now upped his demand to 100,000 by the end of this year).

Here is a story you might have missed at The Guardian on Christmas day where he tells us what we expected—this is about global governance!

Former British foreign secretary David Miliband has urged the US and UK governments to resist closing their doors to Syrian refugees in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris and California, warning that to do so would have a serious “ripple effect” across Europe and the Middle East.

Miliband, who now heads the International Rescue Committee aid agency, told the Guardian that the increasingly hostile tone of the debate on the Syrian exodus in the two western countries posed a major threat to global governance.

Global governance! What about American sovereignty! What about your home town!

Continue reading here.  See our complete archive on Miliband at RRW by clicking here.  Be sure to see Miliband says we must “embrace political Islamism,” here.

Don’t rage against the refugees, rage against those using them as pawns as Miliband is doing.

Posts like this one will be tagged ‘Know the enemy.’  I can’t impress upon you enough the importance of making those, like Miliband (who want “global governance”) household names.  After all, it is Alinsky’s Rule 13 and the Left uses it all the time, you should too!

Remember when Rush said, “I hope he fails” as Obama came to power. Friends of Obama, including those so-called ‘conservative’ dinner partners (the “fan boys”), here, tried to use Rule 13 on Rush, but failed miserably.

It goes without saying those same “fan boys” are using Rule 13 on Trump, and if they succeed in wiping him out, they will turn their attention to Ted Cruz.