UN admits most Syrian refugees do not want to go to the West

Editor: The article we just posted at RRW is about Canada, but I’ll bet this applies to the US as well.

Carson was right. Most Syrian refugees want to go home, not to the West!

Remember this point as you are campaigning in this 2016 Election Year: many refugees and immigrants are pawns of the Left which wants to flood your polling places with immigrant (Democrat!) voters.  It doesn’t matter to them whether they are legally permitted to vote or not.  They want a permanent reliable Democrat majority.

So, don’t blame the refugees, blame their handlers.

Your local do-gooders pushing for more Syrian resettlement to the US are simply stooges for Soros and others on the hard Left whose plans to destroy American borders and sovereignty are well-advanced.

Check out this news from Canada at RRW.

 Ben Carson was right.

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